BOMBSHELL: Devastating New Details Emerge About the Uvalde Texas Police Response, “We Were Not Told the Truth”

Associated Press

New information has come to light recently about the school shooting and Uvalde, Texas. During a Weekend broadcast of Fox and Friends on Fox News, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas was interviewed by the weekend co-hosts.

And Lieutenant Governor Patrick was asked by Will Cain whether or not he was lied to or misled by people around the Texas school shooting. Patrick responded, “Well we were I told that there was a security officer and there were a little hazy on how the engagement went, but that a security officer was there.”

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It turned out that after a little bit more digging that the security officer was not present at the campus at the time of the shooting he drove onto the school grounds sometime while the shooting was going on. As the American public was led to believe that the security officer was on campus the whole time.

So the mainstream media were misleading Americans about the security officer’s involovement in the extent of how active he was during the shooting. The mainstream media conveniently forgets to mention that there is a 45-minute to an hour in which, the security officer was not on school grounds.

“It is believed that most of those shots were being fired into the door of the wall to hold back law enforcement, but we really do not know.” Stated Patrick. So there is a lot of grey area when it comes to what the truth is and if the American public will ever find out the truth.

The heartwrenching part about this whole thing is parents who lost children might have Not lost them if the security officer would have been on campus the entire time. Perhaps fewer kids may have passed if he could have gotten there sooner instead of taking the 45-minute to an hour window and which he was not on campus.

“This is heart breaking, this is horrendus, as I have said with these shootings. One of the parts of this job that you don’t ever want is to have to go to a funeral particularly a child. Or anyone killed in a shooting, or even one of the police officers killed in the line of duty.” Patrick continued.

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“We have had a lot of funerals a lot of memorial services and a lot of hospital visits. So I take this personally, and I know the governor takes it personally. For me it’s 140 or 150 people killed in Texas in the last 6 or 7 years, of collective anger when we are not told the truth.” Patrick ended with.

The most dangerous part is all of The key details the left leaves out just to suit their narrative. Because the left will try to make it a war on guns and not talk about the people that risk their lives running into the school to save the children.

The last part about this whole ordeal is the cops that were on the scene as the shooting was taking place, which was that the cops were acting incorrectly and were not doing as instructed and also failed to act on the protocol that had been used many times before.

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