Bombshell: Democrat Rep. Justin Jones, Part Of “Tennessee Three,” Photographed Standing On A Cop Car In A 2020 BLM Nashville Protest    

(Seth Herald/Getty Images, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)

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Why is it that people get rich and famous for bad behavior? It’s the opposite of what America used to be.

Three Tennessee state lawmakers were at the center of an insurrection, by their own definition, in the Tennessee state Capitol.

They led a protest (which is perfectly within their rights as long as it’s peaceful) against gun rights, interrupted debate, and used a bullhorn to yell over others. They are now famous as the “Tennessee Three.”

Vice President Kamala Harris made a trip to Nashville to celebrate their shenanigans.

Information has now emerged about one of the two lawmakers who was expelled from the state House following the incident last week.

Democrat Rep. Justin Jones was involved in a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in Nashville and charged with a crime before he was let off.

The incident was caught on video as Jones and another activist, Jeneisha Harris, walked on top of a police car while dozens of “rowdy and seemingly uncontrollable protestors surrounded them.”

The police secured a warrant to arrest the pair for damage to the police vehicle during the protest.

According to Fox News:

Less than three hours after the warrants were issued, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) announced that “after a review of additional information” the “MNPD and District Attorney General Glenn Funk agree that the arrest warrants issued last night against Justin-Bautista-Jones and Janeisha Harris will be recalled for the present.”

Metro spokesman Don Aaron said, “In reviewing video and photographs, the detective observed Jones and (Jeneisha) Harris standing on the roof of a marked police car.”

“This same car was significantly damaged by several persons Saturday – spray painted, windows broken, etc.” Aaron continued. 

“The detective at the South Precinct identified Jones and Harris as persons who were on the roof of the car, and Daniel Lane of Franklin as a person who spray painted it.”

That wasn’t Jones’ only dust-up with the law. In 2019, a report from The Tennessean stated that “Jones ‘was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of disorderly conduct after’ police said he threw a cup of coffee into an elevator and struck then-House Speaker Glen Casada, a Republican, and GOP state Rep. Debra Moody.”

But don’t worry, Jones will not be punished for those crimes or for his actions at the state Capitol.  

Though he was expelled from the state House last week, he was sent back on an “interim basis” this week after the Nashville Metropolitan Council voted unanimously in his favor, 36-0. 

He’ll serve in the interim until an election is held according to Tennessee state law. 

Upon being reinstated as the representative of House District 52, Jones called for the speaker of the state house to resign. 

“He is an enemy of democracy, and he doesn’t deserve to be in that office of a speaker of the house any longer,” Jones told CNN of House Speaker Cameron Sexton.

Out of the “Tennessee Three,” Justin Pearson is the only one who did not get to keep his position. 

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