Bombshell: Billionaire Twitter CEO Elon Musk Claims That Declaration Of Pronouns Is “Virtue-Signaling” That Acts As A “Shield” For Bad People

Credits: CNN

In recent years, the trend of declaring their favored pronouns by individuals has emerged due to the prompt climb of the radical leftist gender dogma. 

Elon Musk recently gave his remarks, referring to the trend as “virtue-signaling” and proposing that some bad individuals use them as a “shield.”

Musk Tweeted:

“Pronouns are virtue-signaling, so inevitably, as with all virtue-signaling, they will be used as a shield by bad humans.” 

He added:

“In any event, good manners require using the person’s name, not their pronoun, when referring to them.”

Elon Musk has responded to tweets regarding an accused in a child pornography case, as per reports, who committed suicide. The individual had included pronouns on their Instagram profile.

Last week, New Haven police chief Karl Jacobson reported to Hearst Connecticut Media Group that a suspect in a child pornography investigation has committed suicide. 

Tim Yergeau tragically took his own life shortly after a child pornography investigation, which led authorities to mistakenly raid his neighbor’s home. Reports suggest that the police chief has not yet confirmed whether Yergeau was a suspect in the case. 

The Hartford Courant has reported that Jacobson has confirmed that Yergeau is the main suspect in a raid linked to child pornography. 

The Courant states that an internal affairs investigation will be conducted by Jacobson to scrutinize the execution of both raids and to determine if the raid on Yergeau’s flat had any influence on his suicide.

A former employee of Planned Parenthood from Southern New England, Yergeau, has recently updated his Instagram profile to include “he/him/his” pronouns.

Elon Musk tweeted:

“Any parent or doctor who sterilizes a child before they are a consenting adult should go to prison for life.”

Chloe Cole replied to Musk’s tweet:

“The doctors should know better but my parents were lied to and coerced into giving me surgery and hormones by a team of specialists. They were told ‘would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?’ This was years before this debate has ignited and before covid so they trusted medical professionals more than they should’ve. There’s a line between well-meaning but deceived parents and parents who are transing their kids for social clout.”

Elon Musk agreed with Cole, and replied, “Well said.”

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