Bombshell: Andrew Thomas McCarthy Concludes Biden’s Impeachment As the “LAST RESORT” For The Betterment Of Southern Border 

Credits: Flickr, Leah Mills

The renowned American actor and contributing editor of National Review, Andrew Thomas McCarthy, issued an article on Saturday in which he proclaimed that Biden’s impeachment is “the only thing” through which reliable border security can be established.

McCarthy claimed that Congress and the courts were incompetent to manage the massive illegal border crossings, ultimately forcing GOP members to pressure Biden’s Impeachment. 

In the op-ed, he also mentioned that the GOP members who aim for the removal of Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, are aiming “too low.”

The National Review Institute senior fellow also wrote:

“You probably don’t want to hear this again, but at this stage, the only thing that might — might — turn the tide and establish a semblance of security at the southern border would be for House Republicans to impeach President Biden for first causing the border crisis and then, over the course of the next two years, willfully exacerbating it, not out of incompetence but because it’s what his radical base demands.” 

McCarthy asserted that the Supreme Court left the chaotic Southern border to be handled by the states and is “powerless” to control the tremendous surge of illegal border crossers. 

McCarthy stated: 

“For over a century, judicial rulings and congressional Democrats have nullified their powers to uphold the rule of law against trespassers.”

He continued:

“If the Court won’t help them, the states must rely on Biden, and it is Biden who has quite intentionally left the border defenseless, knowing full well that the states would be besieged.”

Knowing that Biden’s impeachment would be an implausible claim for the Senate that is currently under Democrats, McCarthy asserted that the impeachment articles have the potential to control the chaos at the southern border. 

He claimed: 

“That is the last thing to which Biden and Democrats want attention called. Border security is an 80–20 issue, favoring not so much Republicans (who are far from uniformly solid on upholding immigration law) as individual candidates and officials who demonstrate seriousness about it, most of whom happen to be Republicans.”

McCarthy claimed that pushing Biden impeachment articles as “the only available tool” for the GOP to end the border crisis. 

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