Bombshell: A Florida Sheriff Writes A Concerning Letter To President Joe Biden After 78 Illegal Immigrants Get Apprehended OffShore

Photo by: WPTV for Snyder and AP Photo/Patrick Semansky for Biden

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Since President Biden took office in January 2021, migrants have been pouring over the southern border of the U.S. in what is characterized as a crisis at the border. 

Most of the focus has been on areas of Texas, California, and Arizona but Florida has been dealing with the immigrant crisis as well. 

Last week, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office intercepted a group of Haitians off the east coast of Florida in Hutchinson Island. 

It was initially reported that the group numbered 59, but it was later clarified the yacht that came ashore contained 78 undocumented Haitians, including two pregnant women. 

Three smugglers and seven children were among the group that Sheriff William Snyder is calling “the largest number of migrants on a single vessel intercepted in Martin County waterways in the county’s history.”

In a report from TCPalm, the law enforcement response, according to Snyder went like this: 

“Martin County Marine Patrol deputies were alerted by U.S. Homeland Security agents and responded to assist U.S. Coast Guard and Customs and Border Patrol officials in detaining the Haitian migrants as they were spotted heading to land. The boat was intercepted before making it to shore.”

The Haitians ended up with federal authorities after being apprehended. Border patrol arrested and took the suspected smugglers into custody. The incident is under investigation.

Following the encounter, Sheriff Snyder wrote a letter to President Biden reminding him that it is his “duty to protect the people of the United States.”

In the letter he wrote, “Last night, my Marine Patrol deputies assisted in intercepting 59 undocumented aliens attempting to come ashore our beach.

“Had these individuals succeeded, they would likely have dispersed through our community undetected,” he continued. “With unknown ties to this area, it is difficult to envision how they would have assimilated and become law-abiding citizens.

“A federal officer related last night that his unit is overwhelmed and desperate for additional resources. He believes that they are missing many more illegal immigrants than they are apprehending,” Snyder wrote to Biden.

“I will continue fulfilling my oath to protect my constituents and uphold the Constitution and the laws of the State of Florida.

“With all due respect, I urge you to reflect on the oath you took to dedicate yourself and your administration to protecting our borders and, by extension, protecting the citizens of this country.”

Sheriff Snyder told the local ABC News affiliate, WPBF, “Here’s the thing, we know that for every boat that’s intercepted, there are innumerable boats that are slipping in under the cover of darkness, and people are getting off and disappearing in our community without a trace.”

“At least I’ve made my thoughts known and done the best I could, first of all, to keep my community safe and then to urge the president to do the same throughout the country,” he said.

Sheriff Snyder is one of the numerous LEOs dealing with the crisis that the Biden administration created. Hopefully, his words have not fallen on deaf ears.

It’s time to get this crisis under control before we don’t have a country left to defend.

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