BOGUS report from the Kremlin claims that Putin ‘plotted to put Trump in power’—media RUNS WITH IT with NO EVIDENCE

Reports from the Kremlin suggest Russian President Vladamir Putin plotted to put former US President Trump in power.

The Kremlin is positioned in the center of Moscow and was founded by the Russian ruling dynasty of Rurikids. Documents released by The Guardian suggest Russia’s plot was to elect the so-called “mentally unstable” Donald Trump. According to the article, on January 22, 2016, Mr. Putin, his spy chiefs, and senior ministers agreed Trump is the “most promising candidate.”

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The report reads, “They agreed a Trump White House would help secure Moscow’s strategic objectives, among them ‘social turmoil’ in the US and a weakening of the American president’s negotiating position,” the paper reports. The Kremlin papers went on to describe the president as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex.”

Former President Trump called the leaked articles fake. “This is disgusting. It’s fake news, just like RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA was fake news,” his spokesperson, Liz Harrington, Tweeted on his behalf. “It’s fiction, and nobody was tougher on Russia than me, including on the pipeline, and sanctions. At the same time, we got along with Russia.”

Putin’s spokesman also said that the allegations that Moscow ordered a campaign to put Trump in power are “fundamentally untrue” and “the hallmark of an absolutely low-quality publication.”

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