Blatant Lie Coming From White House Press Secretary: Illegal Immigration Down by More Than 90% 

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We all know that Karine Jean-Pierre is a liar, but the one she told at yesterday’s White House press briefing raised the ire of throngs of Twitter users. 

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre about Biden’s plan to deal with illegal immigration. 

“How does the president want to address this challenge of illegal immigration?” he asked. 

The press secretary’s response was eye-opening. “So as you know on his first day in this administration the president put forth a comprehensive immigration legislation,” she began. 

Jean-Pierre reiterated that our immigration system is broken but touted Biden’s success in dealing with it. 

Does she mean opening up the border? Stopping construction on the border wall? Are those his successes? 

“In the meantime, he has tools that he’s used to make sure we do this. We actually deal with the immigration system in a humane way, in a way that actually deals with what we’re seeing at the border. And that’s why you’ve seen the parolee program be so successful. When it comes to illegal immigration, you’ve seen it come down by more than 90%. And that’s because of this, the actions that this president has taken,” Jean-Pierre said.

Meanwhile, the data shows just the opposite. For fiscal year 2023 through 5/1/23, there have been 1,441,193 illegal immigrants entering the U.S. For the same period last year, that number was 1,304,398.

“But we know that more action needs to be taken. So it has to be legislative action. We’re going to continue to call Congress to do that. And so, this is important to this president. On day one, on day one, he put forth legislation to move forward on this.”

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel shared a video of the exchange and tweeted, “This is a blatant lie from the Biden administration. This is the worst border crisis on record. They created the crisis, and now they are denying it exists.”

A fact check from Twitter showed that the average annual number of illegal crossings went from 479,005 during the Trump years to just under 2 million in 2021 and 2022.

The reporter asked a follow-up question on whether the White House blames Republicans for the “lack of action” on the border crisis.

As you would expect, it does.

“Well, as we’ve seen, Republicans have continued to use this as a political stunt or a political tool and not actually come to the table to have a conversation on how to protect DREAMers and farm workers.

You know, more immigration judges and asylum office officers are needed, more funding for border security are needed. This is something that we have put forward in that legislation and so much more. And they don’t want to do that. They want to do political stunts, as we’ve seen from governors and mayors across the country,” Jean-Pierre said.

Twitter users responded with tweets asking how Jean-Pierre still has a job and how she can tell such an egregious lie to the American people.

Others offered statistics that tell the real story. And one user reminded us that those in power right now think we’re stupid.

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