Bill Clinton May Be In Big Trouble: Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims Target Bill Clinton – Demand Maxwell To Come Clean

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The Peacock streaming services released a documentary entitled “Prince Andrew: Banished.” It offers insight into the Duke of York’s behavior that brought scandal to the British royal family. 

Andrew was associated with the late sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. 

In the documentary, the lawyer who represented nine of Epstein’s accusers spoke out. Spencer Kuvin alleges there could be some new revelations in the case because Maxwell still has time to give up the goods. 

She has until June 2023 to cooperate with prosecutors in an effort to reduce her sentence. The 60-year-old was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year for conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse minors. 

If Maxwell makes a deal with prosecutors, she may be able to avoid spending the rest of her life behind bars. Look out, Bill Clinton! 

Unsealed court documents revealed that Virginia Giuffre, who publicly accused Epstein of sex trafficking, claimed to have seen former President Bill Clinton on Epstein’s island with “two young girls” from New York. 

There have been other allegations against the former Democratic president in relation to Epstein. According to a report published late last year, Epstein, a convicted pedophile, was a frequent visitor to the White House in the early years of Clinton’s presidency. 

Visitor logs show that Epstein was there twice on the same day on three separate occasions and at least 17 times in those early years.  

No surprise to anyone who knows how the Clintons operate, a spokesperson for the former president denied that allegation. In a statement, the Clinton representative said, he [Clinton] “has never been to Little St. James Island.” 

Since Jeffrey Epstein died from an apparent suicide in his jail cell in 2019, Maxwell is the one who holds all the secrets. 

The question now is whether Ms. Maxwell will consider disclosing the names of the Epstein “clients” pursuant to Federal Rule 35. That rule makes it possible for a convicted defendant to have their sentence reduced for providing “substantial assistance” to law enforcement following the imposition of sentence.

The law reads as follows: 

(b) Reducing a Sentence for Substantial Assistance.

(1) In General. Upon the government’s motion made within one year of sentencing, the court may reduce a sentence if the defendant, after sentencing, provided substantial assistance in investigating or prosecuting another person.

It remains to be seen whether Maxwell will assist prosecutors by naming those who were on Epstein’s client list. At her sentencing last year, Judge Nathan said, “Ms. Maxwell worked with Epstein to select young victims who were vulnerable and played a pivotal role in facilitating sexual abuse.”

Maxwell acknowledged that her “association with Epstein will permanently stain” her. She said, “It is the biggest regret of my life that I ever met him.”

Is Maxwell willing to spend the rest of her life in prison to avoid what may be seen as risking her life to spill the tea? We shall see. 

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