Big Win: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reaches His Limit, Declares Invasion, “I Invoked The Invasion Clauses of The U.S. & Texas Constitutions”


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Texas governor Greg Abbott finally reached his limit. The number of illegal border crossers has set new records over the past two years. 

With NBC News reporting the data from Customs and Border Protection, undocumented immigrant crossings at the southern border were up by more than a million over the previous annual record, reaching 2.76 million plus people. 

Governor Abbott knows all too well what effect this has on the country and his state in particular. 

He began busing some illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia this year. 

Many of the leaders of these cities have boasted about their sanctuary city status. These are the perfect places to send the groups of migrants who have chosen to break the law to enter our country. 

Now Governor Abbott is really playing hardball and has declared the situation an ‘invasion’ citing the invasion clauses of the US and Texas constitutions to protect our southern border. 

The governor announced, “I invoked the Invasion Clauses of the U.S. & Texas Constitutions to fully authorize Texas to take unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion.”

“I’m using that constitutional authority, & other authorization & Executive Orders to keep our state & country safe,” he continued. 

Here is the list of things he intends to do:

Deploy the National Guard to safeguard our border & to repel & turn back immigrants trying to cross the border illegally;

Deploy the Texas Department of Public Saftey (DPS) to arrest & return to the border immigrants who crossed illegally & deploy DPS to arrest illegal immigrants for criminal activity;

Build a border wall in multiple counties on the border;

Deploy gunboats to secure the border;

Designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations;

Enter into a compact with other states to secure the border;

Enter into agreements with foreign powers to enhance border security; &

Provide resources for border counties to increase their efforts to respond to the border invasion

It is the responsibility of the federal government to secure our borders. Without borders, we don’t have a sovereign country.

Dan Bongino always says, “Without a secure border, the border is just a suggestion.” 

Imagine thinking you can walk into another country and receive free stuff and live off the taxpayers of that country. 

Will the governor be successful in doing what the Biden administration refuses to do? 

In a tweet on Monday, Abbott called out the president saying, “Texas continues taking unprecedented action to address Biden’s historic border crisis. When the next Congress is sworn in, we must remind our representatives that securing the border is the federal government’s responsibility.”

Serving his third term as governor, Abbott notified county judges along the Texas-Mexico border in a letter that he will “fully authorize Texas to take unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion.” 

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