BIG HIT: MAGA Is The ‘Greatest Political Movement In History,’ According To Former President Trump

Photo Source: AP file photo

On Saturday stated by Newsmax, former President Donald Trump paid a visit to Texas, declaring that the country’s largest Republican-led state “would never, ever turn blue.” Trump lauded the highest political rally attendance in Texas history, handing out caps in the same red as the hats with the words “Make America Great Again,” the MAGA campaign slogan he has advocated since he campaigned in 2016. “Our MAGA movement is by far the largest political movement in our country’s history,” Trump added. “They never even questioned it – the phony news ā€“ because there’s never been anything like it.”

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Trump has yet to formally declare his presidential run for 2024, but he is keeping the momentum rolling with campaign-style rallies. “Would you want to spend a Saturday night at a Trump event in Texas?” Trump addressed the audience, which he described as the “largest of its kind” in the state. “Everyone in Washington is concerned about how to secure Ukraine’s border,” Trump added, “but the most important border in the world right now for us is America’s border, not Ukraine’s.” The primary job of the American president is to protect the country’s borders. Before our leaders can discuss attacking other nations, they must first stop invading their own.

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Trump encouraged a Republican-led Congress to pass legislation immediately after the midterm elections to increase the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents ā€“ an organization that progressive Democrats have called for the abolition of. Concerning Ukraine-Russia relations, Trump remarked that his administration had far less discussion of danger and potential Putin assaults into Ukraine. “We genuinely had peace through strength,” Trump said, paraphrasing Ronald Reagan. “What has happened to our country is a tragedy and a disgrace,” he added. During a phone call with Biden this week, Trump claimed that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky asked, “Please chill down” regarding an oncoming Russian strike.

Trump promised a Republican comeback in the 2022 midterm elections and hinted at a presidential candidacy in 2024, but he did not commit to making an official declaration. “Biden has the actual scandals,” he said, “and rest certain that when Republicans control Congress, the Biden corruption will be examined and revealed.” Trump made a passionate call for free and fair elections, voter ID legislation, and other measures to penalize Democrat-controlled places such as New York City for providing voting rights to American noncitizens. Democrats who campaigned on the promise of investigating and prosecuting Trump have reacted angrily to “prosecutorial malpractice” and witch-hunt investigations launched against him, his family, and businesses.

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