Biden’s Recent Covid-19 Update

It seems as if there is a new development to the Covid-19 pandemic every week.  While this is expected with such an active situation, it feels like each new update to the pandemic needs to be highlighted.  President Biden has already focused a lot on Covid-19 relief through executive orders and made a big announcement this week regarding the pandemic. 

On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced the purchase of 200 million vaccines.  President Biden also said “that there will be sufficient vaccines for 300 million Americans by the end of summer” (Collinson).  

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To go along with the vaccine purchase announcement, Biden also says that the vaccine distribution will be regular and predictable.  The doses given out per week will increase to 10 million (Khemlani).  This will last for at least the next three weeks.  It has also been announced that retired health care workers will be allowed to help administer the vaccine (Golding).  

“The federal government will also no longer maintain a vaccine stockpile and instead only keep a maximum two- to three-day supply on hand, officials said during the first briefing by President Biden’s COVID-19 response team” (Golding).

All of this is in addition to what the Biden administration has already done in regard to the pandemic.  On his first day in office, Biden signed executive orders that created an official Covid response coordinator as well as one that required masks on federal properties (Janowski).

President Biden’s second day in office brought about nearly ten executive orders relating to Covid-19.  One of the executive orders signed last Thursday created a Covid-19 testing board (Janowski).

Regardless of who won the most recent election, the current pandemic was going to be arguably the most pressing issue for the new administration.  President Biden has elected to use a large amount of executive orders in order to develop ways to ultimately end the pandemic.  

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