Biden’s Business Executive Order

President Biden has been signing a large amount of executive orders covering a range of areas since his first day in office.  He has already undone a lot of what was done under the Trump administration.  On Monday, however, he is set to give an executive order regarding American business.  

To begin with, the U.S. government spends around $600 billion every year on various goods and services (Jacobs). 

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“Biden will create a new position in the White House’s budget office that will oversee the implementation of “Buy American” provisions, and the president will direct a review of waivers granted for these rules” (Rascoe).

President Trump did something very similar during his presidency, however, some manufacturing groups felt that no real change happened as a result of it (Rascoe).

A big part of the order is that it “aims to increase domestic manufacturing by harnessing the purchasing power of the federal government and closing loopholes for companies taking business overseas” (Jacobs).  This order will also change what is considered made in America, making it so that more of the overall product has to be American made (Jacobs).

A senior administration official discussing the order said, “The goal is to make sure that companies can’t undermine or get around the purpose of the Made in America rules by importing largely foreign made products, making modest changes or tweaks on shore that add little value for American workers or American industry…” (ABC).

This plan is a reflection of one of Biden’s campaign promises.  Part of that promise was to reveal that not all products listed as made in America are totally made within the country.  Part of the plan is also aimed at helping small businesses as well (ABC).

The timing of this action was done, in part, to help U.S. businesses that have been struggling due to the pandemic (ABC).

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