Biden To End Trump’s 1776 Commission

President Joe Biden signed an executive order shortly after his inauguration on Wednesday afternoon that ended the Trump administration’s 1776 Commission.

The commission, first announced back in September, aimed to push the idea that the country is “irredeemably and systemically racist” and present an alternative to The New York Times’ “1619 Project,”.

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Joe Biden signed 17 executive orders from the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon. Among the steps the president took were orders to rejoin the Paris climate accord and end Trump’s travel ban on predominantly Muslim and African countries.

The actions are targeted at what the president views as specific, by President Trump during four years.

The two-year 1776 Commission was to have produced a report on the core principles of the United States and advise the federal government on how to prioritize founding principles in grants and other activities.

The executive order will also reverse a Trump-era policy limiting the ability of federal agencies, contractors and grantees to implement diversity and inclusion training.

“Additional actions in the coming weeks will restore and reinvigorate the federal government’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility,” according to the press release.

The 1776 Commission ordered by Trump was a 45-page report, which has now been removed from the White House official website. The New York Times reported “the memo that drew criticism was issued without historians’ input and did not include a bibliography or list of verified resources.”

President Biden will also sign executive orders that reverse former President Trump’s environmental policies and anti-immigration policies. He will address his official coronavirus pandemic response and plans to freeze regulations currently in motion to review before deciding to move forward.

Sources: Politico, CBS, and New York Times; Photo: dailynews.com

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