Biden Reveals Plan To Give Illegal Aliens Citizenship

Congressional Democrats have presented President Biden’s enormous and dangerous illegal immigration reform bill on Thursday, which would provide an eight-year pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens, but it already faces challenges for becoming law with such narrow Democratic majorities.

The bill, which was introduced by Sen. Bob Menendez and Rep. Linda Sanchez, would create an expedited pathway for Dreamers and other select illegal immigrants. This would increase the number of available visas, and directs more funding to immigration courts.

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“We’re here today because last November, 80 million Americans voted against Donald Trump and against everything he stood for. They voted to restore common sense, compassion, and competence in our government, and part of that mandate is fixing our immigration system,” Sen. Bob Menendez, stated.

The plan is based on the comprehensive immigration legislation proposal that Biden introduced on his first day in office. The Biden administration’s reversal from former president Donald Trump’s strident anti-immigration policies.

The bill will cost a whopping $4 billion over four years “to confront corruption, enhance security and foster prosperity” in migrant communities. The bill also lays out a plan to create refugee processing in Central America which aims to prevent migrants from South America to coming to the Mexico-United States border.

House Democratic leaders have not made a final decision but several lawmakers stated they believe the chamber will first try to pass a bill that offers a pathway to citizenship to immigrants from war-torn countries.

“There are many paths both substantively and tactically for how an immigration bill can move forward,” said one source close to the administration. “All options have to be on the table.”

Sources: The Hill, Fox News, and The Washington Post; Photo: grist.org

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