Biden Humiliated: “It Is One Of The Stupidest Political Moves I’ve Seen” Democrats Sound the Alarm as Former Trump Advisor Blasts Biden

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On the Friday edition of “Jesse Watters Primetime“. former senior advisor to the former President Donald Trump, Stephen Miller discussed current President Joe Biden’s job performance over the last 2 years with Fox News guest host Lawrence Jones.

Miller called out Biden “It has been the most disastrous first half of the presidency that I think has occurred in American history and there needs to be a thunderous repudiation to historic levels in November.”

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Miller continued by stating “I believe that if there is a very large conservative house majority backed up by a senate majority will be able to shut down an unwind some of the policies and prevent truly irreparable and irreversible damage from happening in politics.”

“That’s the best we can hope for. If that doesn’t happen, I fear the damage will be permanent and irrevocable.”

Lawrence Jones even stated about the approval rating of current President Joe Biden hit an all-time low at 36% amongst the trust of the American public. As well as gas prices hitting all-time highs all over America.

A plan was announced today by the Biden Administration that would forgive $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower in the United States of America. That would end up costing around 230 billion dollars total in student loan forgiveness. Putting the country into even deeper debt.

The plan of student loan forgiveness of up to $10,000 is already starting to backfire on President Biden. “Not because 230 billion dollars isn’t a lot of money but because it’s not nearly enough.” Lawrence stated.

Jones then continued, “AOC tweeted her reaction to Biden’s proposal”, “$10,000 means tested forgiveness is just enough to anger the people against it and the people who need forgiveness the most… We can do better.”

If Biden ends up taking Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s advice the economy would be much worse.Biden is attempting to buy the votes of the American people. A Democrat tactic made famous during the Clinton administration, and even during the Obama years.

With inflation going up and up every day, why is by continuing to spend more taxpayer dollars? And is again with this attempting to buy votes but it is not a smart vote-buying strategy. This idea sounds good in theory however it will not work because the country is broke at this current moment.

Adding to the Biden administration’s already ever-mounting debt. $10,000 off of a college loan sounds like a good idea However with the debt as high as it is, America cannot afford to go into even deeper debt.

Miller states, “For every one PhD grad that Joe Biden getsThat are making upwards of $600,000 a year He’s losing 10 or more blue collar workers. This is a wealth transfer from the working class to the PhD class.”

Miller continues by saying, “It this is one of the stupidest political moves he has seen before a midterm election in a very long time.” So why do it, we see the direction the country is going It’s not going in a good direction but Biden is just doing it for his own benefit.

Jones then states lastly, “That no matter where you are this idea that Biden has of debt forgiveness and buying votes will not work regardless of whether you live in a Republican state a Democrat state or a big city it will not work anywhere.”

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