Bad News For Biden: 54 Republicans DEMAND Joe Biden Take A Cognitive Test, “The American People Deserve To Have Absolute Confidence In Their President”

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Indiana Representative Jackie Waloski was tragically killed in a car accident in August. Her press secretary and the driver of the other vehicle were both killed in the accident. President Biden was very saddened when it happened and reached out to her family to convey his condolences. 

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The tragedy was brought back to light this week during one of President Biden’s gaffes. During a speech, the Presidential candidate who garnered more votes than any candidate in history during the 2020 election, began looking for Representative Waloski in the middle of his speech. 

He asked the audience where she was. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to cover for the mistake by saying “she was on top of mind” because the President planned to sign a bill in her name later in the week. Pierre didn’t think it was a big deal. 

This is the leader of the free world, the most powerful man on the planet. Well, if he were actually in command, he would be. Everyone knows President Joe Biden is not in charge of anything. That includes his faculties. 

The repeated issues he is having is why more than 50 Republican lawmakers are calling for President Biden to take a cognitive test citing a spate of gaffes they say call into question the 79-year-old’s fitness for the job.

Representative Ronny Jackson, who previously served as White House physician, has been the loudest voice in the GOP push for Biden to take a cognitive test. The White House dismisses the effort as a publicity stunt. 

Democrats, including the liberal media, have rushed to defend Biden. The actresses of The View, who pretend to be politically astute, circled the wagons to protect their hero. Whoopie Goldberg said that Waloski’s death was like a hundred years ago. 

The implied reasoning is that Biden simply forgot because it was so long ago. Yet, it was less than two months since we tragically lost Representative Waloski. Her co-hosts weren’t going to be outdone. Joy Behar believes the right-wing media take Biden’s mental lapses and uses them against him. 

A third host, Sunny Hostin, went on to suggest it is ageism that is causing people to attack Biden. These delusional Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their liberal agenda anymore. The fact that they are trying to cover for increasing evidence of a mental decline in Biden is absurd. 

Even their own are expressing concerns. Politico reported last month that Democrats are privately raising concerns about Biden’s age, as he approaches octogenarian status. And The New York Times reported that Biden’s age is a “deep concern” for Democratic officials. 

There have been other left-wing media pundits questioning Biden in recent weeks. The outlets have begun questioning who will be on the Democrat ticket in 2024, questioning Mr. Biden’s age and his ability to fulfill another term as president. 

They aren’t questioning his mental acuity for Biden’s sake. They are doing it because they know he can’t win if he remains on the ticket. At this point, if he were to run in 2024, it doesn’t matter who the opposing candidate is. It could be Trump, Desantis, or a dog. It doesn’t matter. Biden will lose. 

If everyone is so confident in Biden’s mental health, then taking the test should be an easy task. However, everyone knows it won’t be a simple test to take because the man is not all there and hasn’t been for many years. Yet, somehow, he won the most votes in American electoral history. Hmmm.

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