As Millions Prepare To Be Brought Aboard, Former President Donald Trump’s Truth Social Media Platform Migrates To Rumble Cloud

Photo Source: power953.com

For weeks, millions of supporters of former President Donald Trump have been impatiently awaiting access to his new social media network, Truth Social, and now it looks that their wait is nearly over. Truth Social has relocated to servers hosting the Rumble video platform, according to Just the News on Friday, and will shortly enroll those eagerly awaiting fans.

The network “has completed a move to a vast cloud computer infrastructure owned by the video giant Rumble,” according to the news source, “opening the path for the social platform founded by former President Donald Trump to swiftly enroll millions of members.”

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Truth Social will stop its beta testing and regulated account creation this week as part of a cooperation with two of the country’s rising free expression platforms. This means the platform will move fast to clear a backlog of customers who have been waiting a few weeks to join. “Today, Truth Social and Rumble made a huge step toward saving the internet from Big Tech oppressors,” said Devin Nunes, a former Republican congressman from California who took over as CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, which owns Truth Social, in January.

“Our crew works around the clock, and they continue to work around the clock,” he said, adding that “every hour, we let more and more individuals on.” Nunes continued, “Our teams have worked tirelessly to fulfill this magnificent endeavor.” “Rumble’s cloud architecture is unparalleled, and it will serve as the backbone for the long-term restoration of free expression online.”

Former Secret Service agent and top conservative pundit Dan Bongino is an equity investor in Rumble, which has swiftly established itself as a free-speech online video alternative to YouTube, which is severely censored. The video hosting site hailed the relocation as a watershed moment for Truth Social, which is now the company’s first large cloud services customer.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski remarked, “We are pleased to work with one of the fastest-growing social media firms on the internet.” “Providing world-class cloud infrastructure is critical, and Truth Social users will instantly witness the results of our work.”

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Just the News, following its February debut, Truth Social slowed new user onboarding to focus on a longer beta phase to evaluate the platform and complete the move to Rumble’s cloud. Early influencers on the Truth Social network have experienced more interaction with less followers than they have on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, despite the limited rollout.

“The site and program traffic is off the charts,” Bongino, a well-known radio presenter and podcaster, recently told Just the News, disputing that the platform is a fiasco. “Right now, the level of involvement is incredible.” “A few liberal journalists create an account on Truth, fail to gain any followers because no one wants to listen to them, and then claim it isn’t working,” he added.

“It’s preposterous reporting,” says the author. “Truth Social has revealed precisely how oppressed conservatives have been over the preceding five years online,” right activist Charlie Kirk told Exactly the News after being allowed access to the network last month.

Users on Truth Social are “really posting something concurrently on both platforms,” according to Nunes, who also told the outlet last month that users are placing the identical things on Twitter and Truth Social, with the latter receiving considerably more bang for the buck.

“And then they compare it after an hour, two hours, five hours, or a day, and you can see the reach that you’re having with with the modest audience that we have so far on Truth Social,” says the author. He said, “I mean, it’s simply wonderful.”

Nunes has explained and defended the restricted rollout in recent weeks, claiming that he wanted to guarantee that consumers were joining a high-quality platform rather than a hurried enrollment.

“If you look at Truth Social, where we continue to expand every single day, even though we’re still in the testing phase,” Nunes said earlier this month, “we continue to prove out the process and focus on our quality and dependability.” “The users that we’ve allowed on thus far are already massively engaged with Truth Social,” he continued.

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