“Apparently Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Learned Her Lesson“ Kayleigh McEnany Issues Major Warning Following Hillary’s Latest Remarks

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Well, once again Hillary Clinton is in the news. Per usual, she was whining and bleating about some perceived injustice that she seems to think she has suffered.

Let’s not forget that delusions of persecution is common among narcissists. Hillary Clinton opened her mouth and insulted American voters suggesting Tuesday night that Americans may not “really understand” what is at stake in the midterm elections as the Dems await a crushing defeat.

Former Secretary of State and failed Democratic presidential candidate Clinton claimed on MSNBC that voters are unaware of the threat that Republicans pose in the midterm elections.

It is now being reported by Fox News that:

“Outnumbered” co-host Emily Compagno criticized Hillary Clinton for her latest “basket of deplorables” moment after the former secretary of state claimed voters don’t “really understand” the dangers presented by Republicans.

“It is preposterous to me what an ego she has, the elite nature of her that she still thinks she knows better than everyone in her party and somehow the GOP as well,” Compagno said, adding Clinton seems to think she knows what’s best for Americans. 

“The condescension that comes out of Hillary Clinton is repugnant, and it completely embodies the entire elite attitude of much of the Democratic leadership,” Fox News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier added.

It was further reported that:

While Clinton argued voters are not fully aware of “threats to their way of life,” a new Wall Street Journal poll reported a 27% shift of White, suburban women toward Republicans since August.

The “Outnumbered” panelists argued Clinton’s comments in light of recent polling highlight the disconnect between the Democrats and the American people

“They’re so disconnected from voters,” Saphier said. “We’re in a bad place right now and they need leadership that is going to take care of them and ensure the safety and security of their family.”

“Apparently Hillary Clinton hasn’t learned her lesson from her ‘deplorables’ comment [in 2016] that we all remember,” said co-host Kayleigh McEnany.

It was further reported by the New York Post that:

The former first lady specifically pointed to Social Security and Medicare, saying that GOP lawmakers led by Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla. — the chair of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee — have said they’ll put the programs “up for a vote” if they regain their congressional majorities.

Republicans have insisted no such vote is in prospect.

“Now, I don’t understand why every American, not just people eligible for those two programs that they have paid into, that they have worked hard for, that they have earned, are not up in arms,” Clinton said.

“We’ve got lots of problems right now in our country. We need sensible people to come together to try and solve them.

“The last thing we need is to make life even harder for the vast majority of Americans because it’s not just seniors who would have Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block. It would be their children and their grandchildren who would have to step in and fill the hole that they had left.”

The New York Post went on to report that:

Elsewhere in the interview, Clinton also criticized Republicans for their “violent rhetoric,” which she claimed was responsible for the violent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband in his home last week.

“I didn’t see a big outpouring on the part of elected officials to stand with Nancy Pelosi the way she has stood with Republicans as well as Democrats in times of real terror like on Jan. 6,” she said.

“So ask yourselves, please, why would you entrust power to people who they themselves are unable to see how terrible it is that someone may be attacked in their home or don’t really care because they somehow think it’ll get them votes or get them elected?”

With the mid terms just over the horizon, there has been a lot plaguing Mrs. Bill Clinton lately.

In fact, we reported around the middle of last month that convicted madam Ghislaine Maxwell has said she feels “so bad” for her “dear friend” Prince Andrew — and heartbroken at the end of her “special friendship” with former President Bill Clinton.

In a series of jailhouse interviews for an upcoming TV documentary, Maxwell decried the fact that famous friends have been hurt and “canceled” through their association with her and late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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