AOC Says it’s Time to ‘Take Our Gloves Off’ and Get More Extreme with Republicans

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Representative for New York, says that it’s time for Democrats to become more aggressive if they want to be able to implement their agenda into the country. She was being interviewed by Politico when she said that. AOC claims that Democrats need to focus more on race as an offensive strategy otherwise they will continue to play defense.

“It’s not just like some moral question about how you confront racism in elections, but it is now an existential crisis for the Democratic Party.” She also said that the problem with Democrats is that they don’t want to talk about race. “Anti-racism plays zero percent of a role in Democratic electoral strategy — zero, explicitly, implicitly. I’m not telling people to virtue signal, but there’s just like no plan for it.”

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She then said it’s time to stop playing pretend and to take their gloves off when it comes to Republicans. AOC continued that playing nice with Republicans hasn’t gotten them anywhere and that if they want to progress, it’s time for them to be “unapologetic” in their agenda and offer an offensive strategy against the Republicans. She said,

“We’re always messaging around bipartisanship and how much we love working with Republicans all the time in a lot of these sensitive areas. We need to have an unapologetic agenda, have an actual alternative and counter-messaging that is distinct from the Republican Party instead of trying to play to notions of civility. … I just really hope that it gets through to a lot of people that this idea that we can win over white voters on a civility argument is like not a reliable strategy.”

This new call for agressiveness comes soon after her tweet asking if their is an archive of Trump supporters so that way they can be held accountable for “what they did” in the future. AOC assumes that Trump supporters and officials will deny their involvement and support later on in the future, so she wants a record to refute them someday.

In another interview with the New York Times, AOC said that Democrats need to give “anti-racist training” to White people because “if we keep losing White shares” of “the White electorate” that “there’s no amount of people of color and young people that you can turn out to offset that”.

Sources: Daily Wire, New York Times, Politico; Photo-Business Insider

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