According to Dershowitz, The Freedom Trucker Convoy Has The Same Right To Protest As Black Lives Matter

Photo Source: Jefferson Siegel / Reuters file

Participants in the “people’s convoy” have the same right to protest, including the right to march into Washington, D.C., as Black Lives Matter demonstrators or anyone else in the United States, even if the government does not support the movement, according to Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax on Wednesday.

“The rule of law necessitates that the same responses be made whether the demonstration is a left-wing protest that the government approves of or a more right-wing protest that the administration disapproves of,” Dershowitz said on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now.”

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“The First Amendment establishes a single rule. You can’t have it both ways.” The convoy’s organizers told Newsmax’s Sean Spicer that the demonstrations will be nonviolent, beginning with a payer in California.

Dershowitz said that the Black Lives Matter rallies have been permitted and even celebrated, despite the fact that “They caused murder and property devastation, and very nothing was done about it.

People have been bailed out.” Protests must be permitted even in Washington, D.C., in the case of the trucker caravan. “It is the area where the Constitution says you may peacefully congregate and ask for redress of grievances,” Dershowitz said, adding that blocking roadways is unconstitutional.

“Of course, Black Lives Matter demonstrators barred access into courthouses, and little was said about it, therefore we need a single standard of justice,” Dershowitz remarked.

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Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and authorities in Ottawa have been chastised for their response to anti-mandate convoy rallies. According to Dershowitz, this is because Trudeau overreacted in the same manner that his father, Pierre Trudeau, may have.

“I counseled his father, Pierre Trudeau, in 1970 when they used the War Measures Act following the murder and kidnapping of prominent officials,” Dershowitz remarked.

“Democracies frequently overreact, and I believe Justin Trudeau did.” The younger Trudeau also stated that the truckers’ beliefs were unacceptable, which, according to Dershowitz, is not acceptable since “in a democracy, there is no such thing as an objectionable perspective.”

The attorney also stated that any site where civil freedoms are harmed should be condemned, but that criticism should be appropriate. “Don’t denounce Canada in the same breath that you condemn [Vladimir] Putin,” Dershowitz said. “They’re not comparable… certainly, we want better from Canada.” Yes, we demand more from the United States, but we must keep our criticism in check. Both are excellent democracies.”

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