“A Betrayal”; Rashida Tlaib Fire Back At Pelosi Over Build Back Better Act

There is always a dash of schadenfreude in the minds of us Conservatives when we see new schism and fraction erupt within the already schismatic and fractious Democratic party.

It was just reported by the ConservativeBrief, A showdown is happening in the Democrat Party and it has House Speaker and California Rep. Nancy Pelosi squaring off with the people some believe are the future of the party.

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Months ago Speaker Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Democrats promised progressives that the bipartisan infrastructure bill currently being debated in Congress would only be passed if another, $3.5 trillion, spending bill was done alongside it.

Now some progressives believe that the Speaker and Democrat leadership have reneged on that promise.

The New York times elaborated on this by reporting that Liberal Democrats dug in on Tuesday against voting for a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill this week, angrily rejecting a decision by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to push the bill forward before the party could resolve bitter disagreements over a sprawling social policy and climate package

The day after Ms. Pelosi signaled she would follow through with a Thursday vote on the infrastructure plan, the backlash reflected deep mistrust in the Democratic ranks that is threatening to derail President Biden’s domestic policy agenda.

At the heart of the impasse was a lack of clarity from moderate and conservative Democrats about what they would accept in the broader social safety net package, which has hamstrung negotiations led by Mr. Biden and Democratic congressional leaders to unify the party around a plan that can pass both chambers. Without a compromise, progressives say they cannot support the smaller, Senate-passed infrastructure plan, which omits many of their top priorities.

Among the cavalcade of complainers was Islamic ghoul Rashida Tlaib, Representative from Michigan, who tweeted, “Let me be clear: bringing the so-called bipartisan infrastructure plan to a vote without the #BuildBackBetter Act at the same time is a betrayal. We will hold the line and vote it down. This is not the time for half measures or to go back on our promises.”

Tlaib seems to be a textbook sort of modern Democrat who manages the incredible effort of simultaneously having both a victim complex as well as an entitlement complex. These are characteristics that have no doubt won her favor with in “squad”.

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