President Trump Calls Covid Treatment a “Cure” and says the “Miracle” will be Delivered to Hospitals “Very Soon”

Appearing on “Sunday Morning Futures” President Donald Trump said that the drug he was treated with after being diagnosed with Covid-19 will be delivered to hospitals soon, but that they are “waiting for the emergency use authorization.” But he promised it would be delivered “very soon”.

After spending a few days at Walter Reed Medical Center as a precaution against the disease, the President it back in the White House and has reached the 10 day mark after exposure. His doctor says that he is no longer a risk of transmission and is safe to return the campaign trail and other in person engagements.

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Speaking about the medication Trump said, “I know people call it a therapeutic, but to me it’s a cure” and that after taking it he “felt really good”. He continued to say, “We’re going to be delivering that to hospitals all over the country-and ultimately the world-because it’s incredible.

People are concerned about Trump calling it a cure, they say that by doing so it undermines the “confidence in government regulators and turn the science of drug evaluation into yet another political dispute, confusing Americans and sowing distrust about helpful therapies.” But Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the FDA said, “I hope people don’t shoot at these drugs because there’s this political veneer over access to this. We should just look at the scientific merits.” He also said that he thinks the emergency authorization should be granted and the drug should be delivered to hospitals and that people shouldn’t rush to diminish a promising treatment.

Sources: The Hill, New York Post; Photo-Market Watch

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