Shocking Revelation: Army Veteran Cory Mills Blasts President Joe Biden Over His “Political” Afghanistan Withdrawal Costing More than $80 Billion 

Credits: Florida Politics, BBC

GOP Rep. from Florida, Cory Mills, severely slammed President Biden over his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Mills argued that Biden’s focus was on “political optics” rather than a well-planned military strategy during the botched withdrawal. 

Rep. Cory Mills is an honorable U.S. Army veteran who has also served the nation as an expert on foreign policy. The former President Trump appointed Mills as an advisor to the Department of Defense.

While talking with Fox News, Mills claimed:

“Biden’s administration originally said they’d be out by Sept. 11, trying to utilize this date for political optics above military strategy.”

Mills added: 

“I think we have to recognize the fact that shutting down Bagram Air Base was a strategic failure. We could have run two runways simultaneously, utilizing military and government evacuation at Bagram but also helping to utilize commercial flights in and out that already had tickets booked and planes willing to come in.”

The veteran also claimed:

“I think the critical failure was always the idea of putting politics and optics above strategy, that the real intent wasn’t just to try and save all the Americans or allies who we’ve made promises to over the past two plus decades.” 

Mills explained:

“I think we made some critical and fatal flaws, not to mention the fact that one of the grand flaws in my opinion is that you left 80-plus billion dollars in weapons and armor, defense articles, and millions of dollars and pallets of cash.”

He concluded:

“At the end of the day, we have to acknowledge the fact that if you’re an actual leader, especially if you’re the commander in chief, that all the faults that go on ultimately fall on you. He has an obligation to the American people and our armed forces to try and ensure that the strategy that we utilize keeps them as safe as possible. Whether it is failures by Secretary Austin to carry out what the Biden administration had put forth or failures by Secretary Blinken to carry out Biden’s intent, it ultimately falls on President Biden as a leader.”

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