Breaking: GOP Senator Tim Scott Blasts Democrats And Slams Them For “Working On A Blueprint On How To Ruin America”

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) addresses reporter during a press conference on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 to discuss inflation during President Biden’s administration.

Senator Tim Scott said that Democrats are “working on a blueprint on how to ruin America.”

“If you wanted to ruin America you would print and spend trillions of dollars leading to the highest inflation,” the South Carolina Republican said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

“Why is that negative to point out under Joe Biden’s leadership we’ve had the highest inflation in 40 years?” he said. “Why is it negative to point out that we’ve had four and a half million people across our southern border illegally? Why is it negative to point out the fact that we’ve had 100,000 deaths to overdoses linked to fentanyl?”

Without understanding the “weakness of the progressive movement,” he added, “then it is impossible for us to offer positive optimistic solutions to the challenges we face because of the progressive wing of the Democrat Party.”

He was asked directly if he was ready to announce his decision to run for president in 2024. He responded that he “made a decision to go to church at 11:30 today.”

He was asked if he sees a “lane” for himself in the primary. He told Fox News that the more important lane is for “kids growing up in single-parent houses like I did.”

“Can we make sure the lane to the American dream is open for them?” Scott said. “My focus is still on the mission of making sure that every single American believes that the American dream is achievable for them.”

He added that it is important to have an “authentic and sincere conversation about the goodness of America,” rather than follow progressives who are “trying to make America into a grievance culture…I wish we’d spend more time talking about the goodness of this nation and stop the cancel culture.”

He also said that having optimism is important. He said that America was a country founded on the concept of hope. He said that the left is trying to make Americans feel like victims and despair.

“The truth is we have so much to celebrate and yet today and in many parts of the country, you feel like you are in quicksand,” he said. “We should not allow the zip code of a child to determine the quality of their life. Education is the most powerful tool to equalize opportunity in this nation but there are poor zip codes where that is not possible. We have to do something about that.”

He also pointed out the legislative actions that he’s been involved in as a Republican.

“One of the most important parts of being in the majority is the opportunity we have with the Tax and Jobs Act,” he said.

“We’ve lowered their taxes for a single mom by 70%,” Scott said.

“We promised to put more than $4,000 back in the average family’s pocket. We were able to lower unemployment for African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians to the lowest level in the history of the country and the lowest level since World War II for women.”

He also spoke out on his stance on school choice. He pointed out that “charter schools get about half the money as public schools” but that they provide a better quality education for students.

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