Bombshell: Numerous Energy Experts Slammed Vice President Kamala Harris Over Her Dodgy Claims About Energy Prices

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Vice President Kamala Harris is coming under fire. Multiple energy experts called her out after she claimed that the Biden Administration had successfully reduced home heating and electricity prices.

“For working families, we have reduced heating and electricity bills so folks have more money in their pockets to buy things like schools supplies, replace the dishwasher or take a family vacation,” the vice president said on Wednesday.

Experts said the comments were inaccurate and said that utility prices for most Americans have increased since President Biden and Harris took office in January of 2021.

They also called Harris out for being “completely out of touch” and appearing to mislead Americans on the administration’s track record.

“I’m not aware of anywhere in the United States where electricity prices or heating prices have gone down,” Steve Milloy, a senior legal fellow at the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, told Fox News Digital. 

“Energy prices generally have gone up. Oil prices, gas prices, everything.”

“Right from the beginning, Joe Biden put a chill on energy production,” Milloy continued. “He just discouraged it. So, there was less investment that went into it.”

Fox News reported:

Since January 2021, residential electricity prices have increased from 12.62 cents per kilowatt hour to 15.64 cents per kilowatt hour, a nearly 24% jump, according to the latest data from the Energy Information Administration. Across all sectors, the average price of electricity has increased more than 22% in that same time span.

And the average spot price for natural gas surged to $6.45 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) in 2022 after increasing to $3.89 per MMBtu in 2021, federal data showed. The annual average price of natural gas never surpassed $3.15 per MMBtu under the Trump administration.

Vice President Harris’s claim that the Biden administration is bringing down electricity and heating bills shows that they are completely out of touch with the realities faced by people trying to cope with high energy costs,” said Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment.

“The president and vice president are so clueless they are not even aware that increasing electric and heating costs are largely the consequences of their own misguided policies,” Ebell said.

The National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association (NEADA), a group that advocates for policies that ease energy price burdens for low-income Americans, issued a report in late January showing that the number of Americans filing applications for low-income energy assistance surged from 4.9 million to 6.2 million, the largest one-year increase since 2009.

The group said that families are struggling to keep up with energy bills that are near the highest levels in more than a decade. Also, an increasing number of families, about 20.8 million households are behind on their electric and gas bills.

Based on NEADA’s analysis of home energy prices, households will face significant increases in home heating expenditures this winter compared to last year,” the Jan. 30 report stated. “On average, households will pay 12.7% more for home heating this winter.” 

“Heating oil expenditures are projected to have the largest increase relative to the other fuels, with a 25.9% increase, which is nearly $500 more than the 2021-22 winter heating season,” it continued. “Natural gas expenditures may also see a significant jump of 14.5% more than last year, more than an additional $100.”

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