EXCLUSIVE: Evita Duffy Calls Out The “Politicized” FBI For Classifying Catholics As Violent Extremists And Using It To Harass “Political Enemies”

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The FBI was once one of the most respected American institutions. Young people dreamed of being part of this agency as they looked at possible careers. 

Unfortunately, the FBI of today is letting us down. By acting as an arm of the Democrat party, the agency has come under fire over the past several years.

There have been too many cases of the FBI going after the political enemies of the Democrats. Today’s enemy? Catholics. 

The FBI and DOJ allegedly labeled Catholics as racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists in an internal memo.  

Fox News Digital obtained a letter sent to the FBI by the Virginia Attorney General, Jason Miyares, in conjunction with other GOP attorneys. 

A portion of the letter read, “desist from investigating and surveilling Americans who have done nothing more than exercise their natural and constitutional right to practice their religion.”

Evita Duffy, managing editor of The Chicago Thinker, spoke to “Fox & Friends Weekend” with her analysis of the FBI’s decision-making in their focus on Catholics.

“Traditional Catholic is the type of liturgy you prefer, which means the Latin mass. These are people that enjoy Latin mass,” she said. “They are very law-abiding citizens, very devout. Often they homeschool their kids. These are not terrorists at all, in fact, White supremacy is antithetical to everything the Catholic Church teaches, especially what a traditional Catholic would adhere to.”

“And also, the Catholic Church is very multiracial, multicultural. Catholic means universal, and 40% of Catholics in America are Hispanic, and they tend to be the more traditional ones.”

Duffy’s mom, a cohost on the Fox show, Rachel Campos-Duffy, asked her, “Do you buy that?”

“No. This whole investigation is a pretext to persecute the political enemies of the left, and it’s a testimony to just how corrupt the FBI has become,” Evita Duffy said. “They labeled traditional Catholics racist, White supremacist and violent, but didn’t explain at all how they were racist or violent and instead only cited thought crimes for Catholics — their stance on LGBTQ issues and on abortion.”

“This is not the job of the FBI. It was a completely botched investigation. If you look at the sources in the document, they only cite left-wing sources. You have the Salon, the Atlantic,” she continued. “It was botched from the start and a pretext to persecute political enemies of the left.”

In a statement, the FBI said the agency’s standard practice is to avoid commenting on “specific intelligence products” but it did elaborate on the situation.

“Upon learning of the document, FBI Headquarters quickly began taking action to remove the document from FBI systems and conduct a review of the basis for the document. The FBI is committed to sound analytic tradecraft and to investigating and preventing acts of violence and other crimes while upholding the constitutional rights of all Americans and will never conduct investigative activities or open an investigation based solely on First Amendment protected activity,” the remainder of the statement read.

Is this just the agency’s way of covering up its alleged activities which are clearly unconstitutional? One has to wonder.

As more and more FBI whistleblowers come forward, the agency’s reputation is plummeting in the eyes of the American people. Can the FBI recover?

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