Major Development: Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Receives Massive Win Regarding The Future Of Her Political Career


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Kari Lake may still be involved in what she described to Newsweek as “the most impactful election lawsuit ever decided,” but rumors have surfaced that she is considering a Senate run in 2024. 

As Lake awaits the ruling in that case, she has received good news from two different polls regarding the race for senator in Arizona. 

In a new poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) that surveyed voters about their choice between Kari Lake, current Senator Kyrsten Sinema, and Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego, Lake came out on top. 

Sinema recently announced that she is switching from Democrat to Independent, making it possible for a three-way race.  

“Fresh new Arizona numbers!” PPP, a Democratic Party-affiliated firm, tweeted last week. “In a three-way race, Kyrsten Sinema would get just 13% to 41% for Kari Lake and 40% for Ruben Gallego.”

Another survey released earlier this month by the website Blueprint Polling where the pollsters “imagined a scenario in which Sinema, a former Democrat turned independent who’s held her Senate seat since 2019, runs for reelection against Lake and Gallego, a Democrat who represents the state’s 3rd Congressional District. Lake, who rumors say is considering running for the seat but has not confirmed this, polled at 36 percent, according to Blueprint, well ahead of the two rivals. Gallego trailed closely with 32 percent, while Sinema ran a distant third with 14 percent,” Deseret News reported.

When Sinema decided to change her political party affiliation after the midterm elections, she issued a statement. 

She wrote, Everyday Americans are increasingly left behind by national parties’ rigid partisanship, which has hardened in recent years.” 

She continued, “Pressures in both parties pull leaders to the edges, allowing the loudest, most extreme voices to determine their respective parties’ priorities and expecting the rest of us to fall in line. 

“In catering to the fringes, neither party has demonstrated much tolerance for diversity of thought.

“Bipartisan compromise is seen as a rarely acceptable last resort, rather than the best way to achieve lasting progress. Payback against the opposition party has replaced thoughtful legislating.

“There’s a disconnect between what everyday Americans want and deserve from our politics, and what political parties are offering. 

“I am privileged to represent Arizonans of all backgrounds and beliefs in the U.S. Senate and am honored to travel to every corner of our state, listening to your concerns and ideas. While Arizonans don’t all agree on the issues, we are united in our values of hard work, common sense, and independence,” Sinema said.

A possible challenger in her next race, Gallego, posits that her constituents are less than pleased with Senator Sinema. 

He said in a statement, “You don’t need a poll to understand why voters aren’t happy with Senator Sinema: she’s consistently voted with Wall Street bankers and big drug companies and against the interests of Arizonans,” 

“Sinema’s values are not Arizona’s values. Writing a different letter after her name isn’t going to change that.”

It may seem a little early for a Senate race to be heating up, but there seems to be no political downtime anymore.

Will Kari Lake run? Will the incumbent, Sinema, get knocked out of her seat? Will a challenge by Gallego split the Democrat votes? Time will tell. 

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