Breaking: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Gets Blasted By Opposing Mayoral Candidate, ”I will take the handcuffs off police and put them on criminals”


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The Chicago mayoral race is heating up as several candidates are vying for the position. 

Six candidates are hoping to oust current Mayor Lori Lightfoot who incidentally is behind in the polls.  

Dr. Willie Wilson, Doctor of Divinity and well-known businessman and philanthropist, is taking another crack at a mayoral run. 

He ran for mayor of Chicago in 2015 and 2019, as well as Illinois Senator, and President of the U.S. with unsuccessful campaigns. 

Wilson acquired his fortune operating several McDonald’s restaurant franchises and is the owner of Omar Medical Supplies.

The first round of the mayoral election is scheduled for February 28. If none of the candidates receive 50% of the vote in that election, the top two candidates advance to a run-off which would take place on April 4.

During the recent debate, Wilson was not afraid to point out how Lightfoot’s policies have destroyed the city and made it a dangerous place to live and visit. 

He said, “It is unconscionable that there are rules in place that prohibit police from chasing down criminals. As mayor, I will take the handcuffs off our police and put them on criminals. 

“Somebody run, chase somebody by foot or car, that police officer should be able to chase them down, and hunt them down like a rabbit, okay.”

His commitment to backing the police and giving them back their authority garnered applause from everyone but Lightfoot and the criminals she enables. 

Lightfoot’s response? Condemnation of his statement. 

She said, “For a candidate for mayor to say that we ought to take the handcuffs off police and let them hunt down human beings like rabbits is an extraordinary thing.

“I fully and utterly condemn it.”

Of course, she does. She believes that criminals should have more rights than our law enforcement officers.  

Wilson didn’t back down or retreat from his statement. He said, “So I think the mayor done lost her mind. 

“I really do. I think she’s out of touch.

“You know, if she wasn’t out of touch she would know she has to protect the people at all costs.”

That’s what we need in our leaders…someone who will put the law-abiding citizens first and hold criminals accountable. 

Lightfoot tried her best by gaslighting her constituents. She replied, “What I’m focused on is making sure our city is safe. 

“That’s the most important thing. For me that’s not about politics, it’s about basic obligations about me as a mayor and our administration to focus on making sure that our communities are safe.”

Wilson knows the agony of losing a loved one to violence. His 20-year-old son was murdered by a 17-year-old with a gun in July 1995. 

He tweeted last week, “My 20-year-old son was murdered. I understand the pain of families that have lost loved ones. It is unconscionable that there are rules in place that prohibit the police from chasing down criminals! As mayor, I will take the handcuffs off our police and put them on criminals.” 

He promised to “do whatever it takes within the law to make our streets safe and solve crimes.” 

Wilson hopes to offer the citizens of Chicago an alternative to the woke policies that are destroying the city. 

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