This Just In: Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Receives Devastating News, As Court Motion Filed Against Him By Several News Outlets

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Unless the news he received is a life sentence behind bars, it’s not devastating enough.

But in this case, we’ll take what we can get. These high-profile criminals need to be stopped before they can cause any more damage to our free country.

Multiple news outlets are fighting for the release of evidence relating to the Paul Pelosi attack that took place at the Pelosi’s San Francisco residence in October.

Last week, various media outlets submitted a legal request to the court to make public the evidence presented during David DePape’s preliminary hearing. This move comes amid increased coverage of other high-profile stories such as President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, which has somewhat overshadowed this peculiar incident.

DePape faces a list of charges including attempted murder stemming from an incident in which he allegedly broke into Pelosi’s home and bludgeoned him with a hammer.

According to reports, DePape said he was looking for then-Speaker Pelosi, however, the court is holding back evidence.

Here’s what the Western Journal reported:

“Court filings from prosecutors obtained by The New York Times outline key details of the state’s case against DePape; referencing the video and audio footage that the news organizations seek.

“This evidence was introduced at a December preliminary hearing.

“It includes body camera footage from police officers who responded at the scene of the Pelosi residence, footage from Capitol Police surveillance cameras at the home, and video of a post-arrest interview with DePape, according to The Associated Press.

“However, these recordings haven’t made it to the public domain.”

Several news outlets including New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, Fox News, and more have all requested access to the files.

You know you’re in trouble when all the mainstream media outlets are out to get you. It’s not very often we get to see all these outlets band together and give us the same story, but in this case the evidence is overwhelming.

The Western Journal’s report also reported the following:

“It’s unclear if the court intends to oblige them.

“The San Francisco district attorney’s office hasn’t released the evidence since the media requested them last week.

“DePape is being jailed without bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 23, according to the AP.

“He’s plead not guilty to the six state charges he’s facing, as well as two federal charges.”

At least someone has been jailed for their crimes. Any chance we’ll see the Pelosis’ behind bars? Not likely. As long as they keep getting away with their criminal activities they won’t stop.

They’ll keep defrauding America and living their double lifestyle without any shame or guilt.

One thought on “This Just In: Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Receives Devastating News, As Court Motion Filed Against Him By Several News Outlets

  1. I feel kind of sorry for the man having had to live with that witch and being the object of her hellish tirades. Pelosi told him in no uncertain terms that if he left she would have him killed, and had the resources to do just that. But he is in GITMO, and happy to be away from her…and serving his life sentence in peace.

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