Breaking: Elon Musk Turns Sights On Mainstream Media, Tells Them To Accept Responsibility “For Not Being Truthful To The American Public”

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The lackluster mid terms aside, there are a great number of things that Conservatives can feel thankful for. Chief among them would have to be the series of win for the all-important democratic value of freedom of speech and the necessity to defend it. In the aftermath of the already legendary saga of Elon Musk and Twitter, we have seen a number of hammer blows delivered to those who would rather tell us what to think, feel, and do then have a debate or discussion. Now, it seems that Musk is only just beginning.

In fact, it is now being reported by Fox News that:

Critics called out mainstream media outlets for failing to cover Elon Musk’s release of information on Twitter’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story just weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

The major Sunday shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN devoted a total of seven seconds to the story, prompting Twitter CEO Elon Musk to sound off on the overwhelming silence. 

“I think those people should be looking in the mirror and wondering why they were deceptive. Why did they deceive the American public?,” Musk asked. “And instead of trying to redirect blame to Matt Taibbi, they should be accepting some responsibility themselves for not being truthful to the American public.”

Fox News then went on to report that:

MSNBC devoted three minutes of coverage and CNN covered it for just 10 minutes over the weekend. 

Fox News contributor Joe Concha said all news outlets should want to fully cover the story transparently in order to preserve American democracy. 

Concha went on to highlight liberal media outlets’ double standard for viewing Twitter under its previous leadership as “an example of truth and a deterrent of misinformation” but now failing to cover the censorship that occurred. 

“This is by far one of the most egregious examples of an industry doing something that was completely and totally wrong and unethical that we’ve ever seen,” Concha said on “Fox & Friends First” Monday.

He argued that Musk is viewed as a threat amid his fight for free speech. 

Musk claimed in a tweet that the platform “interfered in elections” under previous leadership, but he asserted that Twitter will be “more effective, transparent and even-handed” going forward.

It was further reported by the Washington Times that:

The billionaire owner of Tesla and Twitter accused the media of “not being truthful” and “deceiving the American public” following an analysis published by former Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi that examined how Twitter executives used the platform to delete and obscure news reports about the president’s son in the weeks before the 2020 election.

“I think those people should be looking in the mirror and wondering why they were deceptive. Why did they deceive the American public?’ Musk said during a Twitter Spaces chat. “Instead of trying to redirect blame to Matt Taibbi, accepting some responsibility themselves to not being truthful to the American public.”

The Washington Times went on to report that:

The requests to delete posts came at the behest of the Biden campaign, the deluge of internal company documents about how the company suppressed the story show.

In one exchange, a Twitter executive emailed a colleague a list of tweets reportedly flagged for review from “the Biden team.” A few hours later, the colleague responded, “handled these.”

There is simply nothing more important than the preservation of language and the freedom of speech. Indeed, even my ability to communicate to you as I am now, dear reader, is built on the (what we think of as) self evident presumption of the right to say what we want. I am in favor extending to right to everyone, up to, including, and especially those with whom I am liable to or even certain to disagree.

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