Breaking: Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Makes An Exciting Announcement On Twitter

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If one were only reading the news and nothing else, it would seem that Twitter is, in fact, at the center of the entire universe. However, the general sentiment toward Twitter of late among Conservative might be more optimistic than it would have been in the past. With Elon Musk at the helm, there might be a few well-deserved victories for freedom of speech on the horizon for Twitter. Now, there is some more good news emanating from Twitter, this time courtesy of former Trump staffer Kayleigh McEnany.

In fact, it was recently reported by Slay News that:

Kayleigh McEnany has announced the birth of her second child, a son named Nash.

McEnany made the announcement on Twitter and shared some pictures with her supporters.

One was of Nash alone, one with Nash and Blake, and one of McEnany and her husband Sean Gilmartin holding Nash.

She captained it: “@GilmartinSean & I are thrilled to announce the birth of our son, Nash!

“What a truly joyful time.

Slay News further reported that:

“God has blessed us immensely!”

“Outnumbered” co-host Emily Compagno quoted a bible verse, “Kayleigh’s baby boy has arrived.

“We are sending all of our love and well-wishers and prayers and support to the now family of four.

“Baby Nash was born on Tuesday, mom and dad are both doing great and Nash is already a hit with his big sister Blake.”

Brianna Lyman of The Daily Caller said:

“He’s heavenly! Congratulations.”

Ryann McEnany said:

“Welcome to the world Baby Nash!! I cannot wait to watch you grow up and accomplish great things in this life!

Ps: Aunt RyRy promises to always give you all the desserts you ask for bc that’s what aunts are supposed to do — apologies in advance.”

Elsewhere, McEnany has made news as well. In fact, it was just reported by Huffington Post that:

Kayleigh McEnany, a former Trump White House press secretary and now a personality on the conservative network Fox News, on Wednesday urged Donald Trump to postpone his announcement of a 2024 presidential run.

Before the 2022 midterms, Trump had teased a “major announcement,” believed to be about his official candidacy, to come Nov. 15. But with the GOP performing worse than anticipated on Tuesday, and much of the blame being put on Trump’s “terrible” choice of candidates, McEnany suggested he should now “put it on pause.”

HuffPo went on to report that:

Republicans should instead focus on winning the U.S. Senate via the runoff election between incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) and Trump-endorsed GOP former football player Herschel Walker on Dec. 6, she said.

“There’s a very real likelihood it could all come down to Georgia. And what does that give you heebie-jeebies of? It gives you the heebie-jeebies of last time around in 2020,” said McEnany. Trump’s baseless voter fraud claims following his loss to Joe Biden were blamed for GOP runoff losses in the state.

The world of news, particularly political news is often a dark, desolate, and howling wilderness. It is always important to shine a light wherever possible on the happier aspects of life, away from the unforgiving eye of the political lens. So, as the world focuses its attention, energy, and often vitriol on Musk, don’t forget the important things. Seems bizarre for a life lesson to be included in an article, but there it is. Follow The Raging Patriot for more on this story as it develops.

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