“Buckle Up Boys And Girls, It’s About To Get Fun”: Kari Lake Sends Chills Down Democrat’s Spines With Recent Announcement

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Kari Lake has been on a blitz with the media lately. They simply can’t get enough of her. She’s one of the most excitable candidates since Donald Trump entered the political arena.

Trump gave her a massive boost in the media’s presence when he endorsed her for Arizona’s governor.

With the corrupt ballot counting system in Arizona, we’re not likely to know of the results between Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs in the tight gubernatorial race, but we know who has won our hearts- and the media’s. Kari Lake.

Remember when she put the media in their place just last week? “I’m going to be your worst fricking nightmare for eight years, and we will reform the media as well. We are going to make you guys into journalists again, so get ready. It’s gonna be a fun eight years; I can’t wait to be working with you.”

That was in response to the media asking about her potential VP ticket with President Trump.

Now, Lake’s back at it again with her no-nonsense tweets. “The GOP cavalry is coming, buckle up boys and girls, it’s about to get fun.”

She’s, of course, referring to the red tidal wave that’s running through congress right now. Even though the democrats recently retained the Senate, there’s still no stopping patriots like Kari Lake.

She’s here to make an impact and she’ll get it done even if she’s not in a political office. This is why the media has been watching her every move- she’s an unapologetic wavemaker.

Mail-in ballots have plagued Arizona’s ballot counters and frustrated the rest of us with their frustratingly slow process. And with another 114,000 ballots recently dropped off, the results are certainly going to take longer than expected.

While the ballot counting process in Arizona isn’t any fun, Lake’s debates with rival Katie Hobbs have been nothing if not entertaining.

The biggest issue between them has been abortion. Lake, naturally has a conservative approach to the hot topic, while Hobbs appears to believe that murdering babies is a right that the federal government should finance.

True conservatives remain grateful for Lake’s tough stance on abortion and her unwavering approach to constitutional values such as small government, military support, and slashing the government’s spending.

Lake likely felt frustrated when democrat Mark Kelly won the senate race in her home state, but it didn’t slow her in the slightest. As she pushes forward on her media blitz, Lake will continue to win the hearts of the patriots and give us conservatives someone to cheer for.

There are dang near half a million ballots left to count in Arizona for the governor’s ticket. The long process may be frustrating, but Lake is sure to keep us entertained throughout it.

Kari Lake. Remember her name. The future governor of Arizona is already making splashes that rivaled those of President Trump, and there’s no slowing her now.

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