Go Woke, Go Broke: Wyoming Republican Nominee Harriet Hageman Who Ousted RINO Liz Cheney Wins Wyoming US House

Harriet Hageman speaks to supporters during a primary election night party in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on Tuesday. Photograph: Michael Smith/Getty Images
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She’s gone! She’s gone! All conservatives can now finally breathe that sigh of relief. Even though she’s been out since the primaries, it feels even better now to have Harriet in her seat.

Harriet Hageman, the new House Representative from Wyoming, just solidified her spot in congress by beating out Lynnette Grey Bull. This race wasn’t as prominent, nor was it followed to the extent of the races in the swing states, but it’s a major victory for conservatives.

Republican U.S. House candidate Harriet Hageman talks to a supporter at a campaign event, Monday, March 7, 2022, in Cheyenne, Wyo. (AP Photo/Mead Gruver, File) (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

“I never took anything for granted,” Hageman told The Associated Press at a gathering of supporters at a local Cheyenne restaurant. “We have not really rested for even one minute. We have been on the road almost the entire time.”

A Cheyenne natural resources attorney, Hageman will now enter Congress among other newbie legislators who generally bid on the best committee assignments.

She’s already singled out the committee she’s eager to sit on. “If I’m on the Judiciary Committee, we’ll be looking at a lot of different things that have happened over the past couple of years,” Hageman said.

Hageman has not been quiet about her disdain for Sleepy Joe’s politics or his son’s ever mounting criminal activities. We can expect her to be vocal in these areas and stand up for justice.

The origins of the Covid-19 pandemic are also at the top of her list. This is a battle still worth fighting and we need strong conservatives to keep pushing this agenda to make sure the liars in the U.S. Congress and the criminals in the Chinese government are held accountable.

Her words resonate with patriots as they appear to echo those of President Trump. After getting Trump’s endorsement, Hageman rose rapidly in the polls, and with Trump they let the traitorous Republican have it.

“Liz, you’re fired,” Trump told thousands of supporters at an event in Casper. “Wyoming deserves a congresswoman who stands up for you and your values, not one who spends all of her time putting you down and going after your president in the most vicious way possible.”

And like Trump, Hageman refused to be quieted. Even though Cheney and Hageman were once friends, the divide between them became apparent when Hageman called her out. “I am going to reclaim Wyoming’s lone congressional seat from that Virginian who currently holds it,” Hageman had repeatedly said.

Conservatives will come to love Hageman quickly. Her roots in rural Wyoming speak to the hearts of all hard-workers in the middle class. “Ranch life isn’t always easy. But as a family and as a community, we get it done. That’s the Wyoming I know and love,” Hageman said regarding her background.

Farmers and ranchers, the backbone of America’s working class, keep the country fed and are the epitome of hard work. Hageman knows this, she’s lived this, which is why it was so easy for Trump to endorse her.

So, go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief, Liz Cheney is gone and her successor is one conservatives are sure to love. Just don’t sigh for too long. Be ready for more fireworks as Hageman sides with Trump and tackles the issues too many republicans have avoided for too long.

Remember her name, Harriet Hageman, we’re sure to hear more from her.

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