BREAKING: As Twitter Deal Set To Be Finalized, Twitter Users Are Awaiting The Return of Donald Trump: “So Y’all Know […] Is Gonna Be Back Here On Friday, right?”


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Elon Musk is set to take over Twitter on Friday if the deal closes as expected. The financing is inked and the judge made Friday the deadline for both sides. 

While some are throwing tantrums, other Twitter users are gearing up for the return of Donald Trump. 

Musk said he would reverse the former president’s Twitter ban from January 2021. 

Musk has stated that he finds short-lived suspensions acceptable but he’s against permanent bans. He said Twitter’s decision to remove Trump completely was “morally flawed.” 

“Banning Trump from Twitter didn’t finish Trump’s voice; it’s going to amplify it among the many proper,” he added

Political strategist Rick Wilson offered a warning to liberal Twitter users, “So y’all know Trump is gonna be back here on Friday, right? Gird your loins accordingly.”

Some anti-Trumpers responded to Wilson by tweeting, “It would be really unfortunate if someone like you provoked him into saying something really unhinged and insane the week before the election. Be careful Rick.”

Not everyone is unhappy about a potential Trump return. There are many people on the platform with Trump Derangement Syndrome and can’t wait to answer the call “to resist.” 

George Takei of Star Trek fame tweeted, “If Elon lets the orange one back on this site, I stand ready to do battle. Who’s with me? Follow me for more resistance tips.”

Others are promising to leave Twitter altogether if and when Trump returns. 

“If the sale goes through, I’m quitting Twitter (been in here since its inception) and will pray for its implosion. Sorry to you and your following! (But I hope everyone, including you, quits Twitter…giving sole ownership of a platform like this to a neo-fascist is poison).”

John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at Citizen Lab, had a different take. He suggests trying to ignore Trump. And says to not amplify him by replying to his tweets. 

It’s would be a great strategy if they could resist the high they get from trashing the 45th president. 

His tweet reads, “The Musk @Twitter acquisition is moving along. Trump may return. When DJT got the boot, he lost his best tool to capture the conversation and spread lies & hate. Now, I’m worried we’re going to *play ourselves* all over again”. 

“Some thoughts: Trump said outrageous things that people felt compelled to react to & disagree with. Quote Tweets & Replies were the accelerant to this rage cycle. The more people reacted, the more others saw it. Friend, *we amplified him*

He went on to lay out his personal plan for dealing with Trump. He is never going to quote tweet or reply to Trump’s tweets. 

He plans to minimize his engagement with any tweets that quote Trump. And when Trump trends he’s going to “promote a better policy/thing. Hold myself accountable for not rage-amplifying him.” 

The TDS is strong with this guy! 

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