Breaking: GOP Candidate Kari Lake Issues Major Threat To NFL If She Becomes Arizona Governor, “If the NFL wants to play chicken over the 2023 Super Bowl, I can promise you that I win that game”


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Arizona’s GOP candidate for governor of Arizona doesn’t pull any punches. She’s a straight shooter who doesn’t put up with nonsense from so-called journalists. 

At a recent ‘debate’ where the Democrat candidate didn’t show up, Lake was asked what she would do if the NFL pushed back against her proposed border policies.

The moderator asked the question because Glendale, Arizona is the host city for the Super Bowl on February 12, 2023. 

The question is a possible reference to what happened when Georgia enacted new voting laws prompting Major League Baseball to pull the All-Star game from Atlanta. 

After that debacle, the NFL would be smart to avoid a similar situation. 

Let’s pull back and look at Kari Lake’s plan for the border. Her first priority would be to work with a coalition of “like-minded states” to secure the border. Controversial? No. 

Given that the federal government is not upholding the Constitution and stopping the invasion at our southern border, Lake plans to invoke the inherent power of the state of Arizona to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. 

The GOP candidate wants a dedicated border security force that is authorized to arrest, detain, and return illegal border crossers back across the border. 

No surprise, MSNBC called her stance on illegal immigration “bigoted.” They labeled her use of the word ‘invasion’ and her view of the situation “a warlike, more violent, stance toward migration.” 

As Arizona’s governor, Lake believes she’ll have the authority to declare an invasion at the border. 

When asked about the potential blowback from the NFL, she said, “You want to tell me that a bunch of football teams owned by billionaires are OK with fentanyl pouring across our border and … killing our young people?”

“If the NFL is OK with that, they’ve got to do some soul searching.”

Lake reminded anyone who was listening who she is running to represent. She said, “I don’t answer to the @NFL.”

“I answer to the people of Arizona.”

“If the NFL wants to play chicken over the 2023 Super Bowl, I can promise you that I win that game.”

Lake has emerged as a national figure this year. She was endorsed by former President Trump in the GOP primary. 

She worked at Phoenix’s Fox 10 news for 22 years before walking away from the job early last year. 

In a video announcing her resignation from Fox 10, Lake said she was no longer proud to be a journalist. It was her view that the media was driving “fear and division” in the country.

She’s an Arizona-first, America-first candidate who has captured the attention of all Americans who are looking for someone to change the trajectory of the country on a state level. 

Lake is committed to making the changes necessary to get Arizona and the entire nation on the right path. 

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