WATCH: SAVAGE Peter Doocy Causes Chaos After Asking A Simple Question To KJP, Who Thinks Biden ‘Is Doing a Good Job?’


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The recent inflation numbers are very difficult to defend. President Joe Biden and his administration promised that the Inflation Reduction Act was going to offer relief to the American people. 

The problem is: it has not. On a year-over-year basis, inflation is up 8.2% and that’s over a high inflation number from last year. 

Enter Peter Doocy, Fox News White House correspondent. At the White House press briefing on Monday, he asked the questions to which Americans want answers. 

“Following up on something you said earlier, if President Biden’s top domestic priority is inflation, why doesn’t he have more to show for it?” Doocy asked.

Karine Jean-Pierre has the toughest job in Washington, D.C. She’s there to try to spin what’s really happening into something positive for this administration. 

“So, the president understands, and we’ve talked about this many times, that inflation is an issue … high cost … cost is an issue for the American people, and so he’s been very clear about making that his number one economic priority. And he has done the work,” Jean-Pierre replied.

What has he done? Americans know that inflation continues to rise and it continues to be a problem for American families. 

We see gas and energy prices. We see an increase in our grocery bills. We see how expensive it is to eat out. We see our paychecks buying less and less. 

Doocy knows this and followed up by asking: “But who exactly thinks the president is doing a good job on inflation? Because we’ve got a poll that finds he receives his lowest job ratings on inflation, net negative 38 points.”

The press secretary deflected and went on to praise the Inflation Reduction Act, touting that senior citizens will see lower costs for Medicare prescription drugs due to caps the bill stipulates. 

She didn’t waste any time shaming Republicans for voting against the measure. Just as most of us concluded, those voting against it knew that the bill would not actually do anything to reduce inflation. 

Then in an effort to scare mid-term voters, Jean-Pierre elaborated on the issue saying that the GOP would move to repeal the act if they could (meaning if they take the majority in the House) and claimed doing so would only “make things worse.”

Doocy kept pushing and asked if Biden’s economic advisors have clued him in that the American Rescue Plan has actually contributed to inflation. 

It is doubtful that they have because Biden is under the illusion that the “economy is strong as hell.” 

That was part of his response to a reporter’s question at a Baskin-Robbins in Portland, Oregon over the weekend about the strength of the U.S. dollar. 

Don’t worry about your struggles and the rising costs of everything from airline tickets to gas to eggs to heating oil. The U.S. economy is “strong as hell.” 

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  1. Yeah, seniors are going to get a break. Too bad your party killed most of them when they let loose a f****** virus.

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