Former Democrat And Border Patrol Agent ABANDONS Democratic Party Over The Serious Crisis at The Border; ‘We’re Getting Illegals Entering Our Area at a Rate of About a Thousand a Day’

Source: Fox News

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The border crisis is something that liberal media can’t cover up. Having over 2 million apprehensions at the border is not something to brag about.

Biden claims it’s because he deals with illegals from different countries. He uses this excuse as the reason why the border is in shambles.

Source: ABC News/Youtube

It’s not his fault; he is unfortunate because other presidents had it easier. He is beyond tone deaf; people coming in from other countries is a problem. He created this border crisis by not enforcing the law down at the border.

Rosa Arellano is a retired Border Patrol Officer, and she left the Democratic party when Trump announced his run for president in 2015. According to Rosa Arellano, Trump inspired her to switch parties, and that he was the first president to come down and really listen to the concerns of border agents.

“When he came down, and he spoke to the subject-matter experts of Border Patrol and us, the CBP officers, he listened to us,” said the Texas border resident.

“He listened to us, letting him know that we needed a multi-layer solution to this situation. And we mentioned that we needed physical barriers, strategic locations, we needed better infrastructure, we needed more boots on the ground and better technology. He listened to us, and he pointed it out to the country.”

In El Paso, Texas, the border town is overwhelmed by the record numbers of illegals crossing into our country. CBS news virtue signals its audience by showcasing volunteer workers.

Source: CBS/Youtube

CBS addresses the crisis as an epic tale that the people coming here are courageous. That the people who are volunteering to help the illegals have big hearts, unlike some GOP leaders who send them off to Martha’s Vineyard.

Source: Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth/Youtube

They are still very salty about the busloads of people being sent up north. They label the busloads of people as pawns in a political scheme. Most of the people are from countries with poor diplomatic relations with the USA. Or if you speak to people like Nancy Pelosi, the immigrants are needed “to pick the crops” in Florida.

Source: HYGO news/Youtube

The left claims that illegals that are on the buses or planes being sent up north are being used, but the majority of illegals that the media interviewed want to go to places like New York. So what is the problem here? In one of the videos, men are studying a map to see how far New York is from Texas. Other families want to get to Portland, while others want to go to Massachusetts.

Texas and Florida are just making it easier for them to get there. Those cities pride themselves as sanctuary cities. Instead of shipping the “immigrants” onto cruise ships or to army bases, how about owning up to the title of a sanctuary city?

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