Major Announcement: GOP Rep Plans To Introduce The Free Speech Defense Act; Prohibits Federal Officials From Collaborating With Big Tech

Source: Gainesville Times

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It might surprise you that the black spot was not a real pirate thing. It was a literary device invented by the author Robert Louis Stevenson. The black spot was a proverbial term that meant a pirate was marked by other pirates for his misdeeds and must pay, usually with his life.

Today, we are a little more civil, although Twitter and TikTok may make it seem otherwise. But Republicans should adopt the practice. The enemy is within our own party. The Liz Cheneys and other RINOs are what hold the party back.

We keep praising some of the most popular frontiers when it comes to fighting for the American Constitution. We keep hearing about the intense fights from Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14). Lauren Boebert (CO-3) left a good impression on us because she attacked the squad.

A good measure of who is on the side of American citizens is if the Representative is a member of the Freedom Caucus. Jim Jordan (OH-4) is currently the Vice-chair of the Caucus and the Republican bulldog. Andrew Clyde (GA-9) is more like a snapping turtle. Not as loud as Jim Jordan or Marjorie Taylor Greene, but a fighter all the same.

Source: Rep. Andrew Clyde/Youtube

Rep. Andrew Clyde is planning to introduce the “Free Speech Defense Act.” This new piece of legislation will prohibit federal officials from collaborating with Big Tech to censor Americans. It will also create a legal recourse for those who the Big Tech businesses have harmed.

Just the News reported:

Clyde unveiled his plans for the bill during an appearance Thursday night on the “Just the News, Not Noise” TV show.

“It prevents the federal government from partnering with other entities, with these third party groups, with these social media companies, because that is a violation of our Constitution,” he explained. “This bill would prevent the federal government from labeling anything through a proxy entity such as a social media company as disinformation.”

According to the Georgia congressman, he has secured several cosponsors but doesn’t expect the legislation to pass until Republicans take control of Congress.

This is an excellent step in the right direction. It will reopen the debate on Section 230 and put Big Tech Giants such as Facebook on edge. Clyde’s new bill comes on the heels of Judicial Watch suing the state of California for its efforts of using Youtube to censor videos discussing election integrity.

In a previous Raging Patriots article:

The complaint alleges, that the California Office of Elections Cybersecurity (OEC), which Secretary of State Shirley Weber oversees, caused YouTube to remove the video. The video is titled, “Impeach? Biden Corruption Threatens National Security”.

Rep. Andrew Clyde’s “Free Speech Defense Act.” and the GOP unveiling their “Commitment to America” are both good ideas. However, Republicans are doing what they always do. They are great fighters when their backs are against the wall, but they do nothing when they regain control over the House.

The “Commitment to America” isn’t a new tactic from the GOP. In 2010, the Republican Party unveiled the “Pledge to America .”It promised tax deductions for small businesses and to repeal ObamaCare. It promised many more captivating promises to gain support, but none of it was put into action. Instead, we got what Republicans are known for: doing nothing.

At the time, Democrats weren’t afraid of the Republicans. They believed they had all the cards. Today, they are still not scared. They think that they will keep the majority during the Mid-terms.

Actually, they are more confident. Why wouldn’t they be? They have the perfect setup. Covid is still in effect, meaning more mail-in ballots and easier ways to steal elections. Which is why the outage and freakouts from the Democrats were hard to ignore when Biden said the pandemic was over during his 60 minutes interview.

Source: CBC News National/ Youtube

The takeaway from all this for the voters is that you must go in and vote. Make it clear the Republican candidates are not protected. Being attacked by left-wing media should no longer be their first fear. As someone who worked on the Hill, that is all they care about. Left-wing media should be their least concern. They should be afraid of us.

We voted them in, and we can vote them out. They should pay the price if they continue the “Do nothing Republicans” legacy. Instead of black spots, pictures of Liz Cheney should be sent to their mailboxes.

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