Rock Legend Kid Rock Tells MSNBC To F*CK OFF For Their Derogatory Remarks On New Prime Minister Of Italy, Calls Her “My New Hero” 

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Rock music legend Kid Rock told MSNBC to pound sand after they criticized the new Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni. He is a huge fan of hers and called her his “new hero” because of her pro-family views.

The media and the left have made it known they do not like Meloni. It’s interesting that the side that “champions” women are suddenly so afraid of this “fascist” leader.

They called her far-right and are saying she is like Mussolini.

In a video of a speech she gave, she said:

“This is about what we are doing here today.”

“Why is the family an enemy?”

“Why is the family so frightening?”

“There is a single answer to these questions.”

“Because it defines us.”

“Because it is our identity.”

“Because everything that defines us is now an enemy.”

“For those who would like us to no longer have an identity to simply be perfect consumer slaves.”

“So they attack national identity.”

“They attack religious identity.”

“They attack gender identity.”

“They attack family identity.”

Fox News reported:

MSNBC opinion columnist Ruth Ben-Ghiat blasted the alleged “fascist credentials” of incoming Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a column on Tuesday and claimed that her “extremism” is “familiar” to those who follow supposed “authoritarian” regimes in Florida and Texas.

Ben-Ghiat wrote that Meloni’s political positions of being against “gender ideology,” “LGBT lobbies” and “same-sex unions,” as well as being pro-border control, make her an authoritarian leader. 

The piece also warned that Meloni is a friend of the Republican Party in the U.S. and wrote that her delivery “recalls that of Il Duce,” Benito Mussolini.

Ben-Ghiat’s latest column, titled, “Giorgia Meloni’s win will make her a new Republican favorite,” painted Italy’s first female prime minister as a fascist, which in turn makes her someone worthy of praise for conservatives in America.

Meloni is a member of the Brothers of Italy Party. A video from 2019 went viral where she laid out the state of the current political climate.

“And so they attack national identity, they attack religious identity, they attack gender identity, they attack family identity. I can’t define myself as Italian, Christian, woman, mother. No. I must be Citizen X, Gender X, Parent 1, Parent 2. I must be a number. Because when I am only a number, when I no longer have an identity or roots, then I will be the perfect slave at the mercy of financial speculators. The perfect consumer.”

A punter from Nebraska tweeted his support of Meloni but was quickly made to issue an apology on his Twitter.

“I want to take the time to apologize for a tweet I posted yesterday,” his statement read. “I saw a headline from a speech the new Prime Minister of Italy made that seemed to support Christianity and family values. I unfortunately tweeted about this without knowing the background or history of this politician or the movement she is involved with. In no way do I support facism (sic) or racism in any form. I apologize for posting without understanding the reality of what I was posting about.”

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