BREAKING: Viral Video Of Italy’s New Conservative Prime Minister Victory Speech Sends Shocking Message To Globalists


Disclaimer: This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author. 

As Giorgia Meloni, 45, claimed victory as Italy’s first female prime minister, not everyone was celebrating. 

CNN and other mainstream media outlets jumped on board to call her the most far-right leader since Benito Mussolini. Some of her supporters believe she has the globalist elites feeling threatened. 

Meloni is the leader of the Brothers of Italy party (Fratelli d’Italia). She’s a mother and a Catholic. Her movement took the Brothers of Italy from a “fringe far-right group to Italy’s biggest party.” 

When Meloni addressed her supporters and the media following her victory early Monday morning, she called it both a night of pride and a night of redemption. 

“It’s a victory I want to dedicate to everyone who is no longer with us and wanted this night,” she said. “Starting tomorrow we have to show our value … Italians chose us, and we will not betray it, as we never have,” she said.

Then there was the part that went viral. 

“Our worldview is the exact opposite of what they would like to force on us…

…Our main enemy today is the globalist drift of those who view identity and all its forms to be an evil to overcome. And constantly ask to shift real power away from the people to supernational entities headed by supposedly enlightened elites,” she went on. 

She wants the Italian citizens to understand the stakes. 

“Let us be clear in our mind, because we did not fight against and defeat communism in order to replace it with a new international regime, but to permit independent nation states once again to defend the freedom, identity and sovereignty of their peoples…

As a serious alternative to the bureaucratic super state ..and although that someone in Brussels or Frankfort, Davos or the City of London, lacks democratic legitimacy, every day it commissions the economic choices and political decisions of those who have invested in that legitimacy by their popular vote.”

Meloni has been involved in Italian politics since 2006 though it’s been reported that she was a teenage political activist in her native Rome. 

She co-founded the Brothers of Italy six years later. Critics say the party’s agenda is based on Euroskeptism and anti-immigration policies. 

She earned the label of being anti-immigration when she suggested that the Italian Navy patrol the Mediterranean to prevent migrants from coming to Italy illegally by sea. 

Meloni’s platform is conservative on several political and social issues facing Italy and many other countries around the world. Her party has adopted a lot of the views of the U.S. Republican Party such as being pro-life and staunch defenders of religious liberty. 

Meloni gained popularity because she was seen as an underdog. She and her party appeal to those who are nostalgic for a simpler time. She believes in the importance of family and a national identity. 

The party that ran on the slogan, “Dio, patria, famiglia” or “God, country, family” won 44% of the votes on Sunday! Brava Giorgia Meloni! 

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