“Let’s Stop With This Colin Kaepernick Stuff”: NFL Legend & Former Cowboy Receiver Michael Squashes Idea of Kaepernick Returning To The NFL


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It saddens me to report that perennial whiner and some time football player Colin Kaepernick is back in the news. I know, I thought we were finally done with him as well. But, it is news, so let’s power through it. Levity aside, it does seem that people are sick of hearing about Colin Kaepernick. One football legend certainly is. He has just reached his wit’s end and he just went scorched earth on Colin Kaepernick.

It is now being reported that:

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott fractured his right thumb on Sunday night and will undergo surgery. The Cowboys, who many thought could play in the Super Bowl this year, looked doomed.

Cooper Rush will be the starting quarterback in Dallas and Will Grier will be his backup. So ESPN star Stephen A. Smith floated the possibility of the team bringing back Colin Kaepernick to try to save the season for Dallas.

Smith said “You know what, this is a different subject for another day maybe. It will never happen, in my opinion … might want to make that call to Colin Kaepernick.

 “Might want to find out.”

“He ain’t been around but he’s a playmaker with his legs who’s available, you gotta take that into consideration.

“But I would think about it, I would say that. 

“But getting back to reality, because I don’t think that’s reality.”

Enter NFL legend and former Cowboy receiver Michael Irwin.

Fox News went on to report that Irwin said:

“Let’s stop with this Colin Kaepernick stuff. Let’s just stop. Colin Kaepernick’s been out of football for what five years now,” Irvin said. “Come on, man. Let’s stop all of a sudden thinking we can go resurrect Colin Kaepernick and he’s going to come and resurrect a football team. I’ll take my chances with Cooper Rush. I will take my chances with Cooper Rush.

“I saw Cooper Rush win a football game last year. That’s all I’m saying.”

Smith said he brought the topic up because “five different people” put it into his ear.

Kaepernick hasn’t played since the 2016 season but has maintained he’s staying ready just in case a team calls.

The former 49ers quarterback ignited a firestorm during the 2016 season by kneeling during the national anthem before games to protest against racial and social injustice. He left the 49ers after the season and failed to sign with another team. He accused NFL owners of collaborating to keep him out of the league, a claim he later settled with the league.

So, the saga that no one seems to want, the saga of Colin Kaepernick rages on. We actually reported back in April that he seems to want it both ways. That is, he seems to view the NFL as a tyrannical, oppressive, racist system or structure. However, he then goes on to quite literally (often the beginning of a bad sentence but not in this case) demand beg, or perhaps just strongly ask to return to the ranks of the league. “The whole point of coming out here for the exhibition was to prove that I can do it.” It’s one of the questions that kept coming up for my agency. ‘Can he still play now that it’s been five years?’ According to Kaepernick. “So we want to make sure that we come out and demonstrate that I can still play, still throw it, and that we’re looking for a way to go back in there, win a starting position, and lead a team to a championship.”

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