Breaking: Trump Makes Amazing Announcement, His Decision is Made; “In my own mind, I’ve already made that decision.”

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Will Donald Trump run again for President in 2024? Its the announcement everyone has been anticipating. The wait may soon be over. According to The Washington Post, two of Trump’s advisors anonymously indicated he might announce his decision before the upcoming mid-term elections.

There are 115 days to go before November 8th. Based on the anonymous sources, sometime over the next 16 and a half weeks, the world will know if Trump will seek to regain the office he lost under controversial voter fraud claims in 2020.

According to Trump himself, he has already made up his mind on whether or not he will seek to become the second President of the United States to serve two non-consecutive terms. The first was Grover Cleveland. He served from 1885 – 1889 and again from 1893 to 1897.

Cleveland lost the 1888 election to Benjamin Harrison despite winning the popular vote but won in 1892. Millard Fillmore and Teddy Roosevelt were the only other two candidates to run for President after being out of office for one full term. Both candidates lost the subsequent elections.

If Trump announces to the world that he will run in the Republican Primary, he will be the favorite to win the nomination. Almost every poll has the former President winning the nomination and by large margins. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appears to be the second choice.

Democrats have been obsessed with doing everything they can to prevent Trump from seeking re-election. The ongoing January 6th hearings are a clear partisan effort to ensure Trump can’t be on the ballot and the American people see the hearings for the scripted show they are.

Republicans who serve on the committee have lost all support within the party. Representative Liz Cheney is currently trailing Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hageman in her Wyoming election bid by more than twenty points according to Fox News.

Cheney appears to be grasping for straws. “I don’t intend to lose the republican primary in Wyoming… I think it’s important because I will be the best representative that the people of Wyoming can have,” she told ABC.

Laughably, Cheney has stated she will consider running for President for some reason. According to redstate.com, “She’s so disliked she’s been censured by the Republican National Committee and the House GOP Conference booted her from her post as its chairwoman.”

His opponent in the next Presidential election is far from certain. A recent poll for the Democrat nominee indicated two-thirds of Democrat voters did not want Joe Biden to run for office again in 2024. Vice-President Harris does not garner a lot of support either.

It appears the only decision former President Donald Trump has to make is, exactly when he will announce if he is running or not. Will it come before the mid-term elections or not? Polling will aid in determining If his candidacy will help the Republicans take back Congress or not.

Mainstream media will tell you any Democrat candidate will beat Trump in 2024 if he runs. It is a bold statement. The eyes don’t lie. If you see the shape the country is in and simply look around and talk to people, Donald Trump will become the second President to serve two non-consecutive terms.

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