BREAKING: Nick Sandmann SETTLES Lawsuit Against NBC. This Marks The Third Victory In His Series Of Defamation Cases

BREAKING: Nick Sandmann SETTLES Lawsuit Against NBC. This Marks The Third Victory In His Series Of Defamation Cases

Today, former Covington Catholic student, Nicholas Sandmann announced on Twitter that he has just reached a confidential settlement with NBC in his defamation lawsuit against the news network.

“At this time I would like to release that NBC and I have reached a settlement. The terms are confidential,” Sandmann wrote on Twitter.

This makes it three of several lawsuits that were filed by Sandmann against various mainstream media outlets following his encounter with Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln memorial.

He was slandered by liberal media outlets who immediately rushed to a conclusion as soon as the story came out without taking the time to research the whole story.

He had previously settled with CNN back in January 2020 in what many claim to be a “multi-million dollar” defamation lawsuit. Later in July 2020, he also settled a similar lawsuit against The Washington Post.

What do you make of this third victory by this Covington Catholic kid? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

37 thoughts on “BREAKING: Nick Sandmann SETTLES Lawsuit Against NBC. This Marks The Third Victory In His Series Of Defamation Cases

  1. Fantastic I applaud this young man for keeping his dignity. Winning the battles of defamation and slander against him by these MSM wankers. They do not care if they ruin a person or a young schoolboy’s life by jumping the gun and opening their big mouths. Not out of a sense of telling the truth but vicious lies to do harm to someone’s life. They probably won’t learn from this, but at least this young man will have a very good head start in life.

  2. I think his mother should be put in jail. Driving him there and dropping him off. She should go to jail for endangering her own child and other people!

  3. Good on him; If he hadn’t gone after the MSM, they would hve gotten away with it and eventually gone after ALL of us. NOW hopefully they will think twice about defaming the public again.

  4. I think it’s fantastic!! I wish in these settlements they were required to make a public apology and admit they were wrong- some accountability would be nice!!!

  5. Congratulations!!!! Nick Sandmann & Every American that has been treated like a criminal when doing something nice. I can’t wait until the same happens for Kyle Rittenhouse, and so many more that Mainstream Media have victimized. Maybe if they are sued enough they will go back to actually researching and reporting the truth instead of the Left Agenda BS.

    1. Why are these settlements kept secret?? If you really want to humiliate these people disclose how much they had to pay. NDAs are an admission of guilt.

  6. I spent all most 40 years on my fire department. I would go to a fire in the morning, and on the evening news . It all changed. What has happened to our news

  7. She would be a candidate for the “BD Amendment ” as a disqualifier…. “Brain Dead”….
    of course, that might have been the reason for being selected in the first place..”On-The-Job” training to replace Prez….

  8. Good for you Nick.
    Well deserved.
    I hope this helps to make a difference going forward. Thank you for all you and your family have gone through to prove the truth.

  9. This all supports kyle rittenhouse’s lawsuits against same outlets n celebrities.. unfortunately out of court settlements are sealed. No one can disclose verdicts. But yes it is a form of guilt. But will itget to MSM ANYTIME SOON.

  10. I think it’s a fantastic thing that he is holding all the people responsible for there actions and hatred of a person warning a MAGA hat in public. The insanity needs to stop. 🤔😊👍🏽

    1. You won’t hear anything on this news story from the Liberal News media that lied about him.

  11. About time media that spews Biden propaganda takes responsibility. Hope to see more of this. Remember when you could believe media? Walter Cronkite – you never knew what political affiliation he had – he just reported the news – now what the current socialist agenda decrees. Bring back honesty.

  12. You go, Nick. Good for you. Proud to know there are smart young people like you. I hope Kyle gets justice too.

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