When A Fed-Up Texas Grandmother Discovers Armed Intruders In Her Home, She Meets Them With Brutal Instant Justice

Photo Source: KTRK

According to Fox News, the terrifying house invasion occurred in Katy, Texas on July 31, 2017, at about 11 a.m. The 60-year-old woman was alone at home when she heard someone breaking into her house through the garage, according to Harris County Sheriffs.

She went to check and discovered two armed guys had broken into her home. This is when the thugs’ situation began to deteriorate.

Unfortunately for the criminals, this granny was prepared to take out the garbage and had armed herself. The woman fired fire on the two guys as they approached her with their own guns, sending them fleeing from her home.

“They were both carrying firearms.” According to local news outlet ABC13, “she confronted both suspects, pulled a firearm, and shot numerous times at both subjects.” After the fed-up, one of the men only made it to the yard before slumping on the ground.

Grandma from Texas had just given him enough lead to fill a box of number two pencils. He died on the scene, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. A gun was allegedly discovered near his corpse by deputies. The murdered man’s accomplice is said to have fled by jumping over a fence.

Investigators aren’t sure if he was hurt when the homeowner opened fire, and he’s still on the loose. Catherine Hanks, one of the would-be victim’s neighbors, was interviewed by the local press and put the horrifying situation into context.

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“It’s simply that, in the state of Texas, if you get on someone’s property, you’re going to get shot.” “That’s simply the way we are, that’s Texas,” Hanks continued. Due to the continuing manhunt and investigation, police have not revealed the identity of the slain thug or his fugitive accomplice.

The identity of the would-be victim has also remained unknown. The offender currently on the loose is described as a man in his 20s wearing black clothing with red underwear peeking out of his pants, according to police.

I believe it’s safe to assume he was wearing the thug-favorite style we’ve all grown accustomed to: baggy jeans. The 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight once more. A Texas woman stood up to lawless criminals who broke into her home with terrible intentions.

Despite the fact that the odds were stacked against her, the would-be victim had the most powerful force multiplier known to man — a pistol – and she wasn’t scared to use it.

In the days ahead, this American hero will need prayers and support as the mainstream media attempts to portray her as a criminal and casts doubt on her morality for shooting a thug who broke into her house. People like her, contrary to what the anti-gun liberal media would have you believe, actually represent the best of us.

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