BREAKING: Clarence Thomas, A U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Says The Court Cannot Be ‘Bullied’ Into Ruling On Any Referendum

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has slammed the brakes on anti-abortion activists outraged by a leaked draft judgment that purports to overturn Roe v Wade safeguards. According to Reuters, the Associate Justice, who was part of the majority in overturning Roe V Wade, stated at a judicial conference on Friday that the court cannot be “bullied” into doing what some individuals desire.

“We are growing hooked to demanding specific results, not living with the consequences we don’t like,” the Justice said. “We can’t be a bullied institution that gives you exactly what you want.” “Earlier this week’s actions are a manifestation of it,” he added.

Chief Justice John Roberts, speaking at the same conference, called the leak “extremely awful” but said it would have no bearing on the eventual ruling. He said, “A leak of this magnitude is absolutely appalling.” “If the person behind it believes it will have an impact on our job, they are completely mistaken.”

In a news release on Tuesday, the Chief Justice stated that the leaked copy published by Politico was genuine and that he has directed the court’s Marshal to take action. “A copy of a draft opinion in a pending case was published by a news agency yesterday. Justices often exchange draft opinions among themselves as part of the Court’s secret deliberate process.

“While the document detailed in yesterday’s reports is real,” the news release stated, “it does not constitute a decision by the Court or the final stance of any member on the issues in the case.” “To the extent that this violation of the Court’s confidences was meant to undermine our operations’ integrity, it will fail.

The Court’s work will not be harmed in any way,” remarked the Chief Justice. “We are fortunate at the Court to have a workforce that is fiercely committed to the institution and dedicated to the rule of law, both permanent workers and law clerks alike.”

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Court staff have a long and illustrious history of maintaining the judicial process’s confidentiality and sustaining the Court’s confidence. He stated that “this was a singular and egregious breach of that trust, and it is an insult to the Court and the community of public employees who work here.”

“I have instructed the Marshal of the Court to investigate the source of the leak,” he stated. President Joe Biden also remarked on the leak, but he did not highlight the seriousness of the leak; instead, he focused on the planned decision, which he opposes.

“We have no idea if this draft is authentic or reflects the Court’s final decision,” the president stated before Chief Justice Roberts confirmed the paper. “I want to be clear on three matters about the Supreme Court rulings.”

“First, my administration argued strongly before the Court in defense of Roe v. Wade. ‘A lengthy line of precedence recognizing ‘the Fourteenth Amendment’s idea of personal liberty’… against government intervention with profoundly personal decisions,’ we added. Roe has been the rule of the country for nearly fifty years, and basic justice and the stability of our legislation necessitate that it not be reversed,” he says.

“Second, shortly after Texas law SB 8 and other laws restricting women’s reproductive rights were enacted, I directed my Gender Policy Council and White House Counsel’s Office to prepare options for an Administration response to the continued assault on abortion and reproductive rights, based on a variety of possible outcomes in the Supreme Court cases.”

“When any verdict is given, we will be ready,” the president stated. “Third, if the Supreme Court overturns Roe, it will be on to our country’s elected authorities at all levels to safeguard a woman’s freedom to choose.” In November, voters will have the opportunity to elect pro-choice leaders.

To codify Roe, we’ll need more pro-choice Senators and a pro-choice majority in the House, which I’ll strive to enact and sign into law,” he stated. Thomas, one of the court’s most conservative members, spoke only hours after he and five other Supreme Court justices were doxxed by militant pro-choice campaigners over their alleged plans to delegate abortion lawmaking to Congress and state legislatures.

The federal government constructed 8-foot non-scalable barriers surrounding the courtroom this week after a draft ruling indicating the impending reverse of the historic 1973 judgment — which proclaimed abortion to be a constitutionally protected right — was leaked to the public. Chief Justice John Roberts called the unusual release of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft majority opinion “extremely awful,” yet it prompted radicals to call for the storming of Catholic churches on Mother’s Day and rallies outside the judges’ homes.

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