BREAKING: Hunter Biden, A Computer Repairman, Is Now Suing Adam Schiff And Mainstream Media Outlets For Defamation

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The Delaware computer repairman who exposed Hunter Biden’s laptop filed a multimillion-dollar defamation action against Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, CNN, the Daily Beast, and Politico on Tuesday, alleging that they falsely accused him of spreading Russian misinformation.

After losing his business and being hounded for 18 months by Big Tech, the media, and Delaware citizens in President Biden’s home state, the former store owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, decided to fight back. “All I want now is for the rest of the country to know that there was a coordinated and coordinated attempt by social and mainstream media to prevent a genuine story with serious ramifications for the country,” Mac Isaac, 45, told The Washington Post.

“This was collusion headed by 51 former intelligence pillars and backed by the words and actions of a politically driven DOJ and FBI,” he concluded. “I’m hoping that this lawsuit will show the collaboration and, more significantly, who provided the instructions.”

After Biden’s son Hunter dropped it off at his store for repairs in April 2019 and never returned, Mac Isaac became the legal owner of the laptop. The contents of the laptop have raised major concerns about what Biden knew about his son’s offshore business dealings, especially because he and the president’s brother, Jim Biden, frequently evoked his powerful name.

In December 2019, Mac Isaac sent the FBI a copy of the laptop’s hard drive, and eight months later, he contacted then-President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who gave The Post a copy of the hard drive.

Twitter and Facebook sought to block The Post’s initial piece when it emerged in October 2020, just three weeks before the presidential election. The laptop was then branded Russian misinformation by Schiff (D-Calif.) and 51 retired intelligence officers. Mac Isaac claims that his business and reputation were harmed as a result of the incident.

“The first day after my information was exposed, I was assaulted with hate mail and death threats centered around the assumption that I was a hacker, a thief, and a criminal,” Mac Isaac stated. Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, “has to explain himself,” according to Mac Isaac.

“Without any intel, the chairman of the intelligence committee opted to communicate a complete and total falsehood with CNN and its viewers,” Mac Isaac stated. “An outright falsehood told to defend a chosen presidential candidate.”

Since then, Mac Isaac has been falsely accused of being a Russian spy and a “stooge” for Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to him. “It’s far more essential for the nation to figure out who informed everyone this was Russian misinformation than it is for me to clean my name,” Mac Isaac added.

Mac Isaac alleges Schiff defamed him in an interview on CNN two days after The Post began reporting disclosures from the laptop in the action, which was filed in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Schiff told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he believes “the Kremlin” is orchestrating a smear campaign on Joe and Hunter Biden, without offering any proof. “Well, we all know that the Kremlin is behind this whole smear campaign against Joe Biden. According to the lawsuit, Schiff told Blitzer, “It’s been evident for well over a year now that they’ve been promoting this phony story about the vice president and his son.”

People began dumping vegetables, eggs, and dog excrement at Mac Isaac’s computer repair shop near the Biden family’s residences in Greenville, Delaware, forcing him to close it. He spent a year in exile in Colorado.

According to the lawsuit, CNN deliberately broadcasted the “false and defamatory allegation” that the laptop was tied to a Russian disinformation effort, inflicting considerable harm to Mac Isaac, including the closure of his repair shop.

The suit claims that “CNN’s broadcast of the false statement accuses the Plaintiff of committing an infamous crime, namely, treason, by conspiring with the Russians to commit a crime against the United States of America by attempting to undermine American democracy and the 2020 Presidential election.” In two pieces published on both sites, Mac Isaac accused the Daily Beast and Politico of spreading false information about the laptop.

In a now-famous Politico piece, hundreds of former intelligence officers said the laptop included “Russian disinformation.” The complaint claims that “the piece was authored by journalist Natasha Bertrand, who appears to have a history of turning conjecture into reality in the stories on which she reports.”

Mac Isaac is seeking “at least $1 million in compensatory damages [and] punitive damages, which will be the much larger sum and will be established at trial,” according to his attorney Brian Della Rocca. According to Della Rocca, Mac Isaac has “suffered enormously as a result of the erroneous statements made about individuals who brought the material on Hunter Biden’s laptop to everyone’s notice.”

“He’s lost his business, his connections, and his respectable reputation in his community,” the lawyer stated. “The purpose of this litigation is to seek to rectify a tiny amount of the harm that the defendants in the claim have inflicted… We seek to demonstrate that their conduct were maliciously intended.”

Last year, Mac Isaac sought unsuccessfully to sue Twitter for defamation and was left with the tech giant’s legal fees, which he estimates to be over $175,000 in total. The America Project, which was created by Trump loyalists former Army Gen. Michael Flynn, brother Joe Flynn, and billionaire Pat Byrne, now has well-heeled backers in Mac Isaac.

“We are proud to support John Paul Mac Isaac in his struggle against the injustice that was done to him when the political establishment collaborated with the leftist news media to say the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian misinformation — which was a flagrant lie,” the organization added.

“These parties’ coordinated attempts to use their words as weapons are obvious via years of constant coverage, which resulted in an outpouring of public outrage against JP and the closure of his firm.” Mac Isaac has written a book called “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth” on his story, which will be released in November.

In a series of pieces published in October 2020, The Washington Post exposed the existence of Hunter Biden’s emails, based on the contents of a broken MacBook Pro laptop left at Mac Isaac’s store in the Biden family’s hometown of Wilmington, Delaware.

After dismissing the emails as unsubstantiated, the New York Times and the Washington Post both validated several of them, including those that appear to have been utilized in a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s possible tax evasion, and money laundering, and foreign lobbying crimes. Schiff, CNN, the Daily Beast, and Politico did not immediately answer phone calls.

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