DeSantis Just Dropped Another Bomb on WOKE Disney as he Vowed to Punish Them With “Additional Legislative Action”

Photo Credit: The Hill

Through the entirety of the radical left’s rise to power, Governor DeSantis has emerged as a hero for protecting our freedoms and actually doing what RINOS (Republican in name only) won’t, and that is fight back against the Democrats!

This has held true when DeSantis took a stance that completely contradicted the mainstream narrative that included lockdowns and mandates by allowing businesses to reopen without restriction.

In addition, DeSantis has also pushed back heavily against the failed Biden Admin on illegal immigration, free speech on social media and opening schools without masks.

In recent weeks DeSantis and Republicans in Florida made headlines for punishing WOKE Disney for playing politics where they don’t belong by their nonsense support for allowing the radical left to groom children in schools.

This included removing their ability to self govern which they have enjoyed the freedom to do so for newly 60 years.

As a result, Disney will be forced to pay nearly $200 million a year in property taxes. Now that Disney has already been kicked back for the first time, DeSantis is continuing his push back by promising “additional legislation actions” aimed at making Disney pay.

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