BREAKING: The World’s Wealthiest Guy Elon Musk Sends Out A Cryptic Two-Word Message On Twitter, Causing A Twitter Frenzy

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Elon Musk, the billionaire, has been battling for control of Twitter, but a cryptic message may have indicated the end of that war. The Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink CEO wrote a two-word tweet early Sunday, “Moving on…”, which put some supporters of his Twitter takeover effort into a frenzy.

What did he mean when he said that? Was he finished with his Twitter dreams? Was he putting on a show? Or was he trolling, as he frequently does? He then revealed that he was trolling when he responded to the question he was moving on from. “from mocking Gates for shorting Tesla while claiming to support climate action,” he remarked.

However, some of his followers were concerned that he would abandon his attempt to purchase Twitter. “Don’t be like the rest of these RINOs that tuck and run, don’t you cuck out.” MAN, FIGHT!” Lavern Spicer, a Republican Congressional candidate, stated.

“Are you already selling Twitter shares?” another individual inquired. “I’m hoping this doesn’t have the same meaning as I believe it does.” If it does, you’re a classic Republican,” Republican Senate candidate James Bradley said.

“So #ElonMusk tweets, ‘Moving on…’… I have no idea what that implies. It doesn’t imply he’s given up, in my opinion. At the very least, I hope not. Maybe this implies he’s moving on to plan B…. “Do you have any other suggestions?” Phil Holloway, a columnist, remarked in a tweet.

“Sometimes the only way to bring an acquisition target back to reality is to go for a stroll,” according to Rasmussen Reports, a polling firm. Musk slammed Microsoft founder and fellow billionaire Bill Gates in a fresh tweet on Saturday, comparing him to a pregnant man emoji.

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Furthermore, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink stated that a leaked discussion between him and Gates, in which he instructed Gates to “pound salt” when questioned about climate change charity, was true.

“So reportedly Bill Gates called @elonmusk to talk about ‘philanthropy on climate change,’ but Elon inquired whether he still had a $500 million short position in $TSLA.” Elon urged Bill to get lost since he hadn’t closed it out. “I have no idea if this is genuine haha,” someone commented on Twitter, and Musk was questioned if it was true in a follow-up tweet.

“Yeah, but I didn’t tell the New York Times about it.” They must have obtained it through mutual acquaintances. “I heard from several individuals at TED that Gates still owed Tesla a half-billion dollars, which is why I questioned him, so it’s not exactly top secret,” he remarked.

Musk responded with another tweet, this time with a side-by-side photo of Gates and a pregnant guy emoji, captioned “in case u need to drop a boner fast.” Musk stated this week that if his attempt to buy Twitter succeeds, he plans to make certain changes to the firm. “If our bid on Twitter is successful, we will destroy the spam bots or die trying!” he said. “As well as authenticate all genuine humans.”

He sent the tweets after announcing in a new filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that he had raised $46.5 billion for the purchase of Twitter from three sources: $21 billion from his own money, $13 billion from Morgan Stanley, and $12.5 billion from other banks.

The New York Post first reported that Musk was aggressively seeking investors to finance roughly $10 billion for his takeover plans. It further stated that he was willing to put $15 billion of his own money into the project and that he wanted to move within 10 days.

The Post has learned that the Tesla billionaire, who is worth $270 billion according to Forbes, is attempting to fund his $43 billion bid to buy Twitter through a complex deal that includes debt against the company and possibly his own stock, as well as a large cash equity infusion from co-investors.

Despite this, experts believe Musk appears to be having difficulty getting the funds. Aside from reservations about whether Twitter is worth the $54.20 per share Musk proposed on Thursday, insiders say some investors are wary of Musk’s erratic conduct and penchant for controversy.

According to two persons familiar with the matter, Musk is willing to put up $10 billion to $15 billion of his own money to take Twitter private. That’s up from his existing 9.1 percent interest in the corporation, which is worth $3.4 billion, which he declared on April 4.

He could even be ready to take out a loan against his present investment, which might be worth billions of dollars. “The co-investors will have more shares than Musk combined,” a source claimed, “but he will be the largest single holding.”

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