BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Has Filed A Motion To Dismiss The Trump Lawsuit, Requesting That The Court Reacts As Quickly As Possible

Photo Source: AP Photo/John Locher

Hillary Clinton, a former Democratic presidential contender, is enraged by a lawsuit brought by former President Donald Trump and around 30 others, and has requested that it be dismissed. Trump filed the lawsuit in March, demanding monetary damages from individuals who funded and pushed the Russian conspiracy theory.

Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, stated in the application to dismiss the lawsuit that the issue had been adjudicated for far too long. “Even if plaintiff’s claims were timely, they are without merit.” Clinton, to be clear, fiercely refutes the charges made in the lawsuit. Even if such claims were genuine, he added, “plaintiff fails to establish any cognizable legal grounds of action,” according to The Epoch Times.

Clinton claims that Trump’s “core grievance” against her is “the practice of politics,” and that statements she made about Russia, such as the since-debunked claim of a secret channel between Trump and a Russian bank, were based on reports and aren’t enough to prove crimes were committed on their own.

Clinton is asking U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks, who was appointed by Bill Clinton and is supervising the case, to dismiss all allegations against her with prejudice, thus barring Trump from filing a new lawsuit. Clinton is the first defendant to reply to the claim, which also names Joffe, Perkins, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Steele, and former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.

Some of the other defendants, including Igor Danchenko, who is thought to be Steele’s major dossier source; former Clinton adviser Charles Dolan Jr.; and Joffe’s old employer, Neustar, have requested extra time to answer. A jury trial is now scheduled to commence on May 8, 2023. In March, Trump filed suit against Hillary Clinton and several Democrats. According to Reuters, he is suing them, alleging that they sought to rig the 2016 presidential election by linking his campaign to Russia.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Florida, the 45th President of the United States claimed that “the Defendants intentionally collaborated to craft a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was cooperating with a hostile foreign nation.”

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The FEC penalized Clinton’s treasurer $8,000 and the DNC’s treasurer $105,000 not long after he filed the complaint. The Washington Examiner said that “the election office claimed Clinton and the DNC broke tough regulations on documenting expenditures of funds channeled to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS through their legal firm.”

The Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign have been fined by the Federal Election Commission for lying about the funding of the infamous, and discredited, Russian “dossier” used in a smear campaign against Donald Trump weeks before he stunned the world with his 2016 presidential victory.

According to the election agency, Clinton and the DNC broke strict laws when it came to disclosing expenditures of funds channeled via their legal firm to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS. Because Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS, the Clinton campaign and DNC contended that they were proper in portraying their payment as “legal advice and services,” according to the letter. However, the agency claims that the law is clear and that it was broken.

It went on to say that neither the campaign nor the party admitted to lying, but that they will not appeal the decision. According to the FEC, “respondent[s] does not concede, but will not further argue the commission’s determination of probable cause to proceed” with the investigation “solely for the purpose of concluding this case swiftly and to prevent future litigation expenditures.”

“This may well be the first time that Hillary Clinton, one of the most obviously corrupt politicians in American history, has actually been held legally accountable, and I’m proud to have forced the FEC to do their job for once,” Dan Backer, who brought the complaint on behalf of the foundation, which focuses on free speech and the First Amendment, told Secrets.

Clinton has already justified her campaign’s spending on the dossier and the work of her campaign lawyer, Marc Elias, with Fusion GPS, the firm that assembled the dossier and recruited former British spy Christopher Steele to investigate more into Trump’s background. Trump has attacked the dossier as full of falsehoods, and the FBI has labeled it a hoax, but only after the president’s reputation has been tarnished. Republicans have pressed for further accusations to be brought against Clinton.

Backer, of Washington’s Chalmers & Adams legal firm, expressed optimism that more action against the former first lady will be taken. “Hillary Clinton and her associates willingly engaged in the largest political fraud in history, damaging our country’s trust in the election process, and it’s long past time they were held responsible,” he stated.

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