BYE BYE WHOOPI – “She’s gone for a while…”, ‘The View’ Cohost Whoopi Goldberg has Been Announced That she Won’t be Returning Anytime Soon

It has been reported by The View’s fellow Co-Host Joy Behar that Whoopi Goldberg will not be returning to The View yet due to other projects; Whoopi Goldberg was originally suspended for her racist remarks regarding The Holocaust.

Joy Behar has stated, “If you’re wondering where Whoopi is, the girl’s got a movie she’s making and she will be back when she finishes whatever she’s doing… so she’s gone for a while”.

According to NY 4, “what Goldberg is actually doing is filming the new Prime Video limited series “Anansi Boys” in Scotland. Based on the fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman, Whoopi will play Bird Woman, the villain of the story, who is seeking revenge on Anansi, played by Delroy Lindo. The series also stars Fiona Shaw, CCH Pounder and L. Scott Caldwell”.

NY 4 also stated that “since she’s [Whoopi] been gone, conservative political commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin has been keeping her seat warm. Griffin worked as the White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to the President in the Trump administration in 2020. Griffin filled in for Goldberg on April 11 and 12, and has been announced as her replacement for the April 13 episode. It’s unclear whether she will continue to fill in for Goldberg while she films.

Goldberg’s break comes just over two months after she was suspended from the show on Feb. 1. The suspension came as a result of Goldberg saying that the Holocaust was “not about race” during a discussion about a Tennessee school board’s decision to remove graphic novel “Maus” from the curriculum.” ~ NY 4.

According to ‘The View’, Whoopi will not be back until at least May 2nd.

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